Mario Tennis Rules (wtf)

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    Mario Tennis (Gamecube)
    - Doubles Only. Must have human teammate
    - Control Options: Technical
    - Exhibition Match, Coin toss to determine which team chooses the first character. Opposite team chooses second character and so on
    - All matches to be played on Peach Dome Court
    - Playmode: Standard
    - Powershot: On

    Format: Qualifiers
    Teams divided into pools, each assigned to a specific station.
    Each pool will be organized into a main single elimination bracket
    Each match is ONE 6-Game Set
    The winner of each pool advances to the semi-finals

    Format: Semi-Finals and Finals
    The pool winners will be re-seeded and placed into a single elimination bracket.
    Each match is BEST 2 OF 3 6-Game Sets
    Final Match is BEST 3 of 5 6-Game Sets

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    Post em on the pax page :)

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