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Did this during school today. I'm planning on doing some illustrator work, but I wanted to work out a few kinks. I think the tail could use some work, and I'm not sure about the "runes".


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    There really isn't a whole lot to critique on this drawing. Mostly just vary your line weights more and the last fin thing on the tail (the left one) is actually in the wrong direction.

    edit: I just did a double check, and with your pattern it isn't actually wrong, but when my eye tries to follow it, it looks wrong because it isn't following a front to back flow that we're used to.

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    Somewhere out there is a person just like me.... and i bet that he's boring as hell too.

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    First of all, that pose is very boring. Re-draw it in a more attention-grabbing pose to yield much better results. Secondly, that torso is FLAT.


    The tribal/whatever tattoos aren't hugging the muscles and texture of the human-ish torso, eliminating all depth in this thing you drew. In fact, if it wasn't for the wrinkles near where the tail bends and the side scale flaps this creation WOULD be completely flat. Neck is too large to boot.

    Finally (and this is just a personal preference) your design is extremely confusing. I can deal with him having no arms, but beef up his wings to accomidate where they should be in place. Right now it just seems like an idea thrown in at the last minute to accomidate either 1) the fear of having to draw an entire arm, or 2) a lack of design creativity on the user itself.

    That last part might be harsh, but I call it as I see it. I don't know, prove me wrong here. Try this whole drawing over again in a more dynamic 3/4 perspective that will force you to work with depth (maybe use a worms eye view to emit a larger-than-life vibe), then apply the critiques that i've given you.

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