Robotsintheskies has stuff to show you! [NSFW]

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So my last thread kind of died, but I'm back with a bit more stuff + better scans of my older shit.

!SHOW ME YOUR CRITS! I would love any advice on how to improve, etc!

Spoilered for potential scroll-abuse.

A self-portrait that I did at the end of 11th grade.


Assignment for the SVA PreCollege Program '09. We had to draw a creature that was made up of four different animals. I have a bear, a wolf, an oryx and a stag.





Stone statue I found in my house. What a funny looking fellow.


This is an old scan, but I'd still love to hear what you think. You can't really see, but it says 'Annual Youth Cycling Race' on the banner at the top.


Spoilered for NSFW

And here are two paintings that I'm not very sure if I want to put into my portfolio. Let me know what you think! Thanks thanks thanks!

I'm pretty sure this isn't finished.

This was my second attempt at oil. It is quite old. I'm hoping to get rid of that unsightly purple blob in the left hand corner.

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    Spoilered images still load in the browser. Make them just a link or mark your whole thread NSFW. If you need to change your title, click next to the thread name while viewing the list of AC threads.

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    Go to an atelier instead.

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  • DirtyDirtyVagrantDirtyDirtyVagrant Registered User regular
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    Yeah go to Watt's Atelier.

    There's gonna be like...what, four? Five of us attending there next summer?

    Traditional art instruction for about 1/15th of the price of "Art school"

    With considerably less bullshit.

    And smaller class sizes.

    Or you know. Whatever local place there is around there. They're literally all over the country.

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    ..........yeah ateliers are nice, and if you haven't considered them, you should look into them, and see if going to one would match with your "art goals". You won't get a degree, and you won't be able to get most - if any - financial aid...but they're definitely worth checking out.

    As far as the art school stuff goes - I know that most art schools like to see figure drawings, so if you can do some more, that'd be good. The figure drawings you currently have aren't bad, but they can be improved upon - mostly in proportions, from what I can see.

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    Just go to Canada instead.

    About a fourth of the price of your average art college in the states, and I guarantee you'll get a much better education (for most of the schools at least).

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    I like the bear woods drawing thing. Very cool.

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    The majority of art colleges are going to do a terrible job of teaching you how to draw and paint better. The best thing they have to offer is a community and resources. If you want to take classes in glassblowing and weaving go to an art college. If all you want to do is draw and paint, an atelier is guaranteed (unless you are retarded and you don't seem to be) to make you good at those two things.

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    jesus you guys are pretty crazy about atetleier schools. sva is still a good school.

    and Robot, are you in SVA now? If so, what year? I have friends who go there

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