Need Team for CSS Tourney

davertrondavertron Registered User regular
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Hey, I'm looking to play in the Counterstrike: Source tourney, but I don't have a team set up yet. Basically we need 3 more people, as it'll be me and my roomate who are already playing. If you're interested post here or PM me and we'll set up a time and a way of meeting at PAX. We're just looking to have fun, so don't worry if you don't think you're an ub3r l337 CS m45t3r. Oh, and if you want we can probably play together a bunch before PAX, as my roomate and I play pretty regularly. PM me and we can trade IMS or Xfire names and get together online.

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  • Xenocide GeekXenocide Geek Registered User regular
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    If you sign up on the little sheets they have for teams, you can just put down the two of you guys then they'll set you up with 3 other people.

    That's what they did last year, atleast. I got teamed up with 4 other people I didn't know, it was fun tho. A good way to meet some people.

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  • davertrondavertron Registered User regular
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    Cool, I figured they would do that at the show, but I figure if people want to play before PAX just to get to know each other and stuff that would be better. Plus it would be a good way of meeting some people before the show so we could meet up before-hand.

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  • slacktronslacktron Registered User regular
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    With a name like davertron, I have to give this a try.

    I'm a little hesitant because last year's counter-strike tournament went until 3 AM or some such nonsense. Maybe since they are closing the doors at 2 it will have a tighter schedule.

    I can't commit to much practice before PAX, but I can definitely try to hook up for some matches together via Xfire. I'm going to the expo mainly to have fun, so don't be too disappointed if I have trouble putting my game face on.

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  • David CoffmanDavid Coffman Registered User, Penny Arcade Staff, PAX Staff regular
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    Making sure that all the tournaments go off on schedule is one of the highest priorities for this year. Last year there was one guy doing all the tournaments himself. This year, there's two people doing nothing but the CSS tournament, and that's not including an easy to use tournament management system I'm working on right now.

    This means that if you want to take part in these tournaments, you better be punctual. If you're not, you will be ejected from the tournament without a moment of hesitation.

    The schedule will be posted at the event near the signups so there should be no confusion as to when you're supposed to be where you're supposed to be.

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  • davertrondavertron Registered User regular
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    Thanks for the heads-up Disco!

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  • JBob08JBob08 Registered User
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    I'm going with two friends from Tampa,FL. We don't really play the game much... or ever. We entered last year for the hell of it and did suprisingly well so if you don't mind playing with us, I'm sure my guys would be all for it.

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  • DysphoriaDysphoria Registered User regular
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    Did you forget that I'm going with you too, JBob?
    BTW, I used to play that game all the time before bf2.

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  • AlystairAlystair Registered User regular
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    If anyone needs a spare for their team, hook me up *is decent at CSS and knows some bastard tricks*

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