Just released my first flash game, where I handled game design, art and sfx

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My last post was locked as people felt I was spamming. I apologize, I'm not trying to spam, I'm just an aspiring game designer looking for feedback on my first attempt at making video games

I studied classical animation for a year at Vanarts, followed by a year of 3d animation in Maya at Think Tank Training Center (both in Vancouver, BC). Since graduating I've worked on a few game contracts doing maya animation, and in my time between these contracts I've been researching how best to become a Game Designer.

Seems like it's one of those impossible to achieve jobs as EVERYONE wants it. So I figgured, why work my way up the ladder when I can make a game myself right now?

I got some friends working with me for a few months, and our game was released last week after much blood, sweat and tears.

GALAXY WARS for the sake of the universe is now playable on Kongregate

I'm really happy with the result. It was a learning experience and there's a long list of things I will be adding for the next version, changes that need to be made, but overall I think we've pulled off a pretty highly polished and unique game.

I'm intrigued by the possibilities of digital distribution, and am actively writing a large world setting to tie my future games together.

Hope you enjoy the game!


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    I have to say I was skeptical when the intro screen came on. The type face youre using is just not good in my opinion. The illustrations are pretty clean and the animation of the game itself is clean but the type is difficult to read and distracting in a 8 bit kind of throw back way. It would make sense if your game was pixilated but its not so Id say a clean sleek type to go with your overall clean design would make a lot more sense.

    That said, once the operation tutorial loaded I was sucked in. Its actually pretty darn fun. Its like some 70s arcade game on crack. Many props.

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    What are you looking for by posting this in the Artist's Corner, exactly?

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    were aiming for an 8bit style originally, but flash works pretty well for the sleeker vector look too, so we wound up with a bit of both. Thanks for the crit!

    artistic critique? feedback? Should I have posted it elsewhere? I thought it would be applicable as I was the art designer for this product

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    shit you just stole 20 minutes of my life. Fun game. Doesnt mean much coming from me as I dont game very much, but I've never encountered a weapon system like the ship used. Pretty cool.

    Also agreed with the pixelated text crit. It was a little annoying to read, and I just figured the majority of it out intuitively

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