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While I love Gabe's art, I usually prefer less obtrusive wallpapers than he provides. Here's a wallpaper of the game poster. It links to the 1024x768 version. Sorry for anyone using a different res. I would appreciate any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism or props. If anyone wants me to make other PA wallpapers, feel free to ask.


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    I like Gabe's posts, but sometimes I wish they were in bold print. Here's the first paragraph of today's post in bold. If you want me to bold anything else, feel free to ask.

    One last reminder that Saturday the 31st is your last chance to get the early bird discount for PAX 2007. You can get a three day pass for $40 if you sign up right now. We're selling tickets about twice as fast as we were last year at this time which is amazing. We're actually expecting about 30,000 attendees this year and thanks to the massive new venue we can actually accommodate that kind of crowd.

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