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Small Business Advice

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So my girlfriend and her mom bought a Salon last year, and recently they hired me to manage it. To make a long story short, my girlfriend is at the point where she is cutting hair all day and no longer has the time, and her mom ultimatley wants to be able to step back from the salon and get to the point that it is more of an investment rather than a job.

That's where I come in, I'm highly motivated, half way through a bachelors in business and have a strong accounting background from a very large resort.

I'm looking for stuff to put me over the edge so to speak. I can only take so many classes each semester, so I need to start looking outside academia for knowledge/advice/ideas.

Don’t worry I’m not coming to you guys for advice. :P I’m just wanting to know if anyone has any good resources, book suggestions maybe, stuff like that. Let’s scratch Kiyosaki and the rich dad poor dad books off the list right now. I’ve read them.

I would also like to keep the thread more focused on the small business aspects of the conversation and not so much the potential for aggravation working for your girlfriend and her mother. Hopefully I can deal with all that.

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    Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a shitty book anyway.

    Anyway, I don't have any suggestions for books. What I suggest instead is to talk to people who are experienced with small businesses. Your local chamber of commerce, SCORE, and the US Small Business Administration are good places to start. They can refer you to low-cost/no-cost consultants and advisers in your area who specialize in helping small businesses.

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    Thanks Feral. Great Rescources. Ultimately, I would like to ehaust any and all "no cost" options, before moving on to "low cost" etc. and your right, not much depth to the Kiyosaki book that I read.

    Anyone else operate a small business, internet or otherwise, that may have some helpful advice to impart?

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    Playing WoW "only when you are bored" is like smoking "only when you are drinking".
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