Dragons vs Dinosaurs - Pages on page 5 - (let me show you them)



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    i wholeheartedly second the motion of losing the upperlip tattoos on the cavewoman.

    it looks really awkward and makes her expression unnatural.

    Got it, she's been changed since ... those pages are from last summer.

    Good, I was about to third the opinion. It made her lip look wrinked, like an old woman.

    Also, channeling Mignola seems to have worked out pretty well. That last image rocks, but I'm having some trouble distinguishing the form of the dinosaur head. I can't tell if it's a shield designed to protrude slightly and look like a dinosaur head, or what.

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    Snake-Dragon wrapped around back. The head position makes it look how it is and I've had a comment similar to that. Perhaps me showing his arm will make it not look like a shield

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    Oh, the same kind of giant serpent in the previous panel - I see it now! But yeah, even seeing his fingers resting on its head would help.

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    really awesome stuff, very tangible and 3-d.

    looks shit-hot in colour aswell.

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    Click here for Dino/Dragon Fantasy: http://dragonsversusdinosaurs.com

    I hate to tell you this, but Dragons Versus Dinosaurs has already been done by G. L. Strytler. I bought my copy from amazon and its pretty much the same story you have here except the brother and sister are a prince and princess from Scotland.
    I heard that G. L. Strytler has already sued one author for copyright infringement and won, so you'd better be careful!

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    BEWARE this dark practitioner of thread'omancy!

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