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Let's Play Lone Wolf: David Bowie is a druid? Wait, no that kind of makes sense.

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So do you remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books you had back in second or third grade, where you read the story and then were given a choice and turned to a certain page which changed the story. You might remember there was a series called Fighting Fantasy, which was a similar concept except your character actually fought monsters as you traveled through the story.

There was a third series written by Joe Dever which was similar to Fighting Fantasy but with a more customizable character, more complicated combat system as well as a continuous story across all of the books rather than the mostly stand alone system used in Fighting Fantasy.
Joe Dever wrote:
'I would be especially pleased if my granting of the rights to distribute my books in this way was seen as my "millennium gift" to all those devoted readers who have kept the Kai flag flying high, through all the good times, and the not-so-good. It would make me very proud indeed if this enterprise laid the foundations of a lasting legacy, securing the longevity of Lone Wolf by making my creation freely and readily accessible to current and future online generations. For them, for us, for Sommerlund and the Kai. . . .'
He's a classy dude. So thanks to him and the guys at Project Aon we have this new thread!

If you didn't follow the first thread you may want to read that first since we are I think about eight books into the series and you won't be familiar with the characters or the story.

The Story So Far . . .
You are the warrior, Lone Wolf, last of the Kai Masters of Sommerlund and sole survivor of the massacre that destroyed your kinsmen during a bitter war with your age-old enemies--the Darklords of Helgedad.

Many centuries have passed since Sun Eagle, the first of your kind, established the Order of the Kai. Aided by the magicians of Dessi, he completed a perilous quest to find seven crystals of power, known as the Lorestones of Nyxator, and upon their discovery he unlocked a wisdom and strength that lay within both the Lorestones and himself. He recorded the nature of his discoveries and his experiences in a great tome entitled The Book of the Magnakai. You have discovered this lost Kai treasure and have given a solemn pledge to restore the Kai to their former glory, thereby ensuring the security of your land in the years to come. However, your diligent study of this ancient book has enabled you to master only three of the ten Magnakai Disciplines. To fulfil your pledge, you must complete the quest first undertaken by Sun Eagle over one thousand years ago. By doing so successfully, you, too, will acquire the power and wisdom of the Magnakai, which is held within the Lorestones' crystal forms.

Already your quest has taken you far from your northern homeland. Following in the footsteps of the first Kai Grand Master, you journeyed to Dessi and sought the help of the Elder Magi, the magicians that aided Sun Eagle on his quest long ago. There you learned that one of the seven Lorestones was still present in their land, hidden deep inside an island stronghold known as Kazan-Oud, or Castle Death. You survived the perils of Castle Death and emerged triumphant, having achieved what the Elder Magi had believed to be impossible. During the victory celebrations held in your honour, you learned that for centuries the Elder Magi had been expecting your coming. An ancient Dessi legend tells of the birth and rise to greatness of two koura-tas-kai, which means 'sons of the sun'. One was named Ikar, which means 'eagle', and the other was named Skarn, which means 'wolf'. A prophecy foretold that the koura-tas-kai would each come from the north to seek the council of the Elder Magi in order that they might fulfil a great quest. Although separated by several centuries, they would share one spirit, one purpose and one destiny--to triumph over the champions of darkness in an age of great peril. Your victory at Kazan-Oud proved that you were Skarn--the wolf of Dessi legend--and in keeping with their ancient vows the Elder Magi promised to help you complete the Magnakai quest.

In Elzian, the capital of Dessi, you were tutored in the histories of Magnamund and received lessons in lore that you would have learned from Kai Masters if only they, like you, had survived the murderous Darklord attack on the Kai monastery eleven years ago. You were eager to learn all that your tutor, Lord Rimoah, could teach you in preparation for the next stage of your quest, but grim news from the Darklands cut short your tuition. In the Darklord city of Helgedad a civil war had erupted, following your defeat of Haakon, Archlord of the Black City. After five years, the battle for the throne of Helgedad had finally been won by a Darklord called Gnaag. The other Darklords, now united behind this new leader, were ordered to amass huge armies in preparation for the conquest of Magnamund. So swiftly did their Giak legions grow in numbers that the Elder Magi ceased their counselling and arranged for you to begin at once the search for the third Lorestone. Guided by Lord Paido, a warrior-magician of Dessi, you set off on a perilous journey across the Freelands of Talestria on your way to the jungle-swamps of the Danarg. There, in an ancient temple that was once the Elder Magi's most sacred place of worship, you succeeded in discovering the object of your quest. However, during your escape from the Danarg, your guide, Lord Paido, was captured by Darklord agents, and upon your return to Elzian you learned the fearful news that the Darklords were now waging open war throughout Magnamund. Several lands, after brief but futile resistance, had been overrun completely by Darklord armies, others had surrendered without fighting in the face of their determined might, and sadly there were others who chose to betray former friends and allies by joining the Darklord cause, in the misguided hope that they would share in the spoils of victory, following the triumph of Darklord Gnaag. One such land was Vassagonia, a powerful desert realm to the north of Dessi. Already her armies had invaded the neighbouring territories of Casiorn and Cloeasia, and were preparing to march through the Republic of Anari in order to join Gnaag's horde now advancing across the plain of Slovia. The thought of such an eventuality filled the Elder Magi with dread, for the Lorestone you must find next lies deep below the streets of Tahou, the capital of Anari, in an ancient city built during the dawn of Magnamund. If Tahou were to fall before your arrival the chances of your completing your quest successfully would be slim indeed, even for a warrior of your renowned skill and daring.

Whilst preparations were being made for your journey you learned that the Darklords had attacked and captured Ruanon, the southernmost province of your homeland of Sommerlund. The news of this calamity shook your resolve and filled you with the desire to forego the journey to Tahou and return home without delay. The Elder Magi implored you not to abandon your quest and you faced a difficult and crucial decision. Which should you honour: your vow to complete the Magnakai quest or your oath of loyalty to your King, an oath which pledged your service in the defence of the sun-realm? Fortunately, the surprise arrival of an old friend was to decide the matter for you. Magemaster Banedon, envoy of the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star--the magician's guild of Sommerlund--landed unexpectedly at Elzian aboard his flying ship Skyrider. He and his dwarven crew were warmly greeted, for Banedon, a frequent and favoured visitor to Dessi, was highly respected by the Elder Magi for his mastery of new magic. Six years had passed since last you met and there was much you wished to discuss and reminisce about, but there was an urgent matter of duty to perform first. Banedon had been sent by King Ulnar of Sommerlund to deliver into your hand a royal missive concerning your quest. The scroll, written and sealed by the King himself, ordered you to pursue the Magnakai quest above all other duties. It ended with the words: 'Sommerlund has suffered a grievous defeat at Ruanon, but the will of the people is undaunted and the strength of our army undiminished. Boldly we will resist our enemies so long as there is hope of the rebirth of the Kai.'

Banedon informed you that the King had ordered that he and his skyship be placed under your command. He also delivered the news that the King had bestowed upon you the rank of Warmarshall of the Royal Estates. Proudly you accepted from Banedon two platinum badges, each crafted in the shape of a blazing sun, and affixed them to the collar of your Kai tunic. They signified that you were now a general of the Sommlending army, the youngest general there had ever been. The honour bestowed upon you lifted your spirits, and the news that Banedon would be joining your quest helped greatly to allay your fear of the dangers that lay ahead. For two years Banedon had lived in Tahou as Journeymaster to his guild; his knowledge of the city and of the Tahou Cauldron, the entrance to the ancient metropolis, which lies buried deep beneath the city streets, would be especially useful.

On the eve of your journey to Tahou, the Elder Magi convened a meeting of the High Council. A golden torch was lit and placed in the centre of their great cylindrical council chamber as a symbol of their hopes and prayers for your success.

'This torch shall burn so long as you, Lone Wolf, pursue your destiny along the path of the Magnakai,' said Lord Rimoah, speaker for the High Council. Before the gathering of Elders you reaffirmed your vow to restore the Kai and, as if kindled by a sudden gust of wind, the torch flared brightly, bathing the chamber in its vivid golden glow. As one, the Elders rose from their seats and intoned their blessing: 'May the gods Ishir and Kai protect you on your journey into darkness, Kor-Skarn.'

There will be occasions on your adventure when you have to fight an enemy. The enemy's COMBAT SKILL and ENDURANCE points are given in the text. Lone Wolf's aim in the combat is to kill the enemy by reducing his ENDURANCE points to zero while losing as few ENDURANCE points as possible himself.
Combat is resolved as follows: Take your Combat Skill score (In our case 19) and add any modifiers to it. Subtract the enemie's combat skill from it and then you roll a 10 ten sided die. Then you look at whatever number corresponds with it on the chart below. I'll be handling the combat side of things while you guys make the decisions though so don't worry about this too much.

Here are the combat skill charts: (They look confusing as hell initially though)


Evasion of Combat

During your adventure you may be given the chance to evade combat. If you have already engaged in a round of combat and decide to evade, calculate the combat for that round in the usual manner. All points lost by the enemy as a result of that round are ignored, and you make your escape. Only Lone Wolf may lose ENDURANCE points during that round, but then that is the risk of running away! You may only evade if the text of the particular section allows you to do so.
How Much Can You Carry?
Weapons - The maximum number of weapons that you may carry is two.
Backpack Items - These must be stored in your Backpack. Because space is limited, you may only keep a maximum of eight articles, including Meals, in your Backpack at any one time.
Special Items - Special Items are not carried in the Backpack. When you discover a Special Item, you will be told how to carry it.
Gold Crowns - These are always carried in the Belt Pouch. It will hold a maximum of fifty crowns.
Food - Food is carried in your Backpack. Each Meal counts as one item.

Any item that may be of use and can be picked up on your adventure and entered on your Action Chart is given capital letters in the text. Unless you are told it is a Special Item, carry it in your Backpack.
How to Use Your Equipment

Weapons aid you in combat. If you have the Kai Discipline of Weaponskill and the correct weapon, it adds 2 points to your COMBAT SKILL. If you enter a combat with no weapons, deduct 4 points from your COMBAT SKILL and fight with your bare hands. If you find a weapon during the adventure, you may pick it up and use it. (Remember you can only carry two weapons at once.)

Backpack Items
During your travels you will discover various useful items which you may wish to keep. (Remember you can only carry eight items in your Backpack at once.) You may exchange or discard them at any point when you are not involved in combat.

Special Items
Each Special Item has a particular purpose or effect. You may be told this when the item is discovered, or it may be revealed to you as the adventure progresses.

Gold Crowns
The local currency is the Crown, which is a small gold coin. Gold Crowns can be used on your adventure to pay for transport, food or even as a bribe! Many of the creatures that you will encounter possess Gold Crowns, or have them hidden in their lairs. Whenever you kill a creature, you may take any Gold Crowns that it has and put them in your Belt Pouch.

You will need to eat regularly during your adventure. If you do not have any food when you are instructed to eat a Meal, you will lose 3 ENDURANCE points. If you have chosen the Kai Discipline of Hunting as one of your five skills, you will not need to tick off a Meal when instructed to eat.

Healing Potion
This can restore 4 ENDURANCE points to your total when swallowed after combat. There is only enough for one dose. If you discover any other potions during the adventure, you will be told then of their effect. All Healing Potions are Backpack Items.

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    Character Stats

    Combat Skill: 18 +2 (Shield) +8 (Sommerswerd) +2 (Silver Helmet) +3 (Bronin Vest) +2 (Silver Bracers) +4 (MagnaKai Weaponskill) +5 (Lore Circle Bonus) +1 (Grandmaster Bonus) = 44
    Endurance Points: 29 +1 (Bronin Vest) +1 (Silver Bracers) +8 (Lore Circle Bonus) +2 (Grandmaster Bonus) = 41.

    Kai Disciplines: (Five chosen in the first book, one added with each completed after that.
    1. Sixth Sense
    2. Tracking
    3. Animal Kinship
    4. Camouflage
    5. Hunting
    6. Healing
    7. Mindshield
    8. Mind Over Matter
    9. Mindblast
    10. Weaponmastery

    Magna Kai Disciplines:
    1. Pathmanship
    2. Divination
    3. Weaponmastery (Sword/Bow/Mace/Dagger/Spear)
    4. Curing
    5. Huntmastery
    6. Invisibility
    7. Psi Screen
    8. Nexus
    9. Psi Surge
    10. Animal Control

    Quick list of pimped out upgraded skills:
    Weaponmastery: Proficiency with all close combat and missile weapons. Master of unarmed combat; no COMBAT SKILL loss when fighting bare-handed.
    Animal Control: Communication with most animals; limited control over hostile creatures. Can use woodland animals as guides and can block a non-sentient creature's sense of taste and smell.
    Curing: Steady restoration of lost ENDURANCE points (+1 per non-combat page) as a result of combat wounds. Neutralization of poisons, venoms and toxins. Repair of serious battle wounds.
    Invisibility: Mask body heat and scent; hide effectively; mask sounds during movement; minor alterations of physical appearance.
    Huntmastery: Effective hunting of food in the wild; increased agility; intensified vision, hearing, smell and night vision.
    Pathsmanship: Read languages, decipher symbols, read footprints and tracks. Intuitive knowledge of compass points; detection of enemy ambush up to 500 yards; ability to cross terrain without leaving tracks; converse with sentient creatures; mask self from psychic spells of detection.
    Psi-surge: Attack enemies using the powers of the mind; set up disruptive vibrations in objects; confuse enemies.
    Psi-screen: Defence against hypnosis, supernatural illusions, charms, hostile telepathy, and evil spirits. Ability to divert and re-channel hostile psychic energy.
    Nexus: Move small items by projection of mind power; withstand extremes of temperature; extinguish fire by force of will; limited immunity to flames, toxic gases, corrosive liquids.
    Divination: Sense imminent danger; detect invisible or hidden enemy; telepathic communication; recognize magic-using and/or magical creatures; detect psychic residues; limited ability to leave body and spirit-walk.

    Supreme Kai Disciplines:
    1. Magi-Magic
    2. Kai Alchemy
    3. Grand Huntmastery
    4. Grand Pathmanship
    5. Psi Screen

    Magnakai Lorecircles Completed:
    Lore Circle of Fire: +1 Combat Skill, +2 Endurance
    Lore Circle of Solaris: +1 Combat Skill +3 Endurance Points
    Lore Circle of Spirit: +3 Combat Skill +3 Endurance Points
    Lore Circle of Light: +3 Endurance Points

    Dagger of Vashna

    Belt Pouch: 22 Gold Crowns

    Backpack: Super big backpack (We'll miss you swanky leather backpack!) 8/10 Slots Filled.
    1. Meal
    2. Meal
    3. Meal
    4. Rope
    5. Rope
    6. Potion of Laumspur
    7. Laruma Liquer (+3 EP x2)
    8. Potion of Laumspur

    Special Items: 11/12
    1. Silver Bow of Duadon (+3 to rolls when using)
    2. Silver Helmet (+2 to Combat Skill)
    3. Shield (+2 to Combat Skill)
    4. Sommerswerd (+8 to Combat Skill)
    5. Firesphere
    6. Bronin Vest (+3 Combat Skill, +1 Endurance Points)
    7. Fireseeds (3)
    8. Quiver (6 Arrows)
    9. Royal Signet (Doesn't count towards 12)
    10. Silver Bracers (+2 Combat Skill, +1 Endurance Points)
    11. Helshezag, the sword of Darklord Kraagenskûl (+5 Combat Skill, +7 vs Darklords)
    13. Korlinium Scabbard (Does not count towards item limit)

    Stash at the Monastery:

    68 Gold Crowns
    60 Lune

    Backpack Items:
    Silver Box (Worth $Texas)
    Brass Whistle
    Map of Tekaro
    Sack of Silver
    Sack of Silver

    Special Items:
    Black Sash
    Silver Key
    Pimp Cane (Jeweled Mace +5 CS against Dhorgaan)
    Crystal Star Pendant
    Padded Leather Waistcoat (+2 Endurance Points)
    Royal Pass
    Power Key
    Bling (Platinum Amulet: Immune to extreme temparatures)
    Party Invitation!

    Map of Magnamund.

    Map of Kalte.

    Map of the Southlands.

    Map of the Empire of Vassagonia.

    Map of the Stornlands.

    Map of the Magiocracy of Dessi.

    Map of the Danarg Swamp.

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    Page 1: A full moon lights the sky above Elzian on the evening you begin your journey to Tahou. Its ashen rays glimmer along the polished wooden outriggers that run the length of the hull of the Skyrider, and illuminate the crystal star ensign and the Sommlending flag as it flutters proudly from the mizzen-mast. The Elders of the High Council have gathered on the roof of their council chamber and, as you and Banedon climb the boarding ladder to the skyship, you pause to return their farewell salute. Bo'sun Nolrim, senior member of Banedon's crew of dwarves, welcomes you and his captain aboard. Surveying the craft, you notice that the Skyrider has changed very little since you were last aboard her, when you sailed the desert skies of Vassagonia in search of The Book of the Magnakai. The crew remember that voyage fondly and are justly proud of the part they played in the success of that perilous mission. 'Take the helm, bo'sun, and set a course for Navasari!' commands Banedon, as he leads you across the busy deck to his cabin at the prow.

    Swiftly the lights of Elzian vanish as the Skyrider speeds into the night. A mile below, the jungle of Dessi and the barren peaks of the Xulun Mountains race past beneath the keel, but in the comforting warmth of Banedon's cabin you feel no sensation of movement; only the hum of the powerful engine indicates how rapidly you are travelling. Over a delicious meal of salt beef and spiced fruit, Banedon explains the purpose of your journey to Navasari, a city that lies over a hundred miles south of Tahou. 'Our enemies are advancing across Magnamund like a tidal wave, destroying or carrying with them all in their path,' says the blond-haired magician, pointing to a map of the continent that adorns the cabin wall. 'Every day a new battle is being fought, and every day we lose another town or village to the Darklords. Before we venture into Tahou we must be sure that the city has not already fallen to Darklord Gnaag, lest we fly straight into a trap. I have many friends in Navasari, reliable friends, friends who are highly placed in the Senate of Anari. From them we will learn if the city still stands, and if it does, how long we can expect it to resist a Darklord assault.'

    Mid-morning of the following day, the lookout catches a glimpse of Navasari as the Skyrider emerges from the Yajo Pass. Banedon takes control of the helm and steers the craft towards the east quarter of the city, landing it on the spacious roof of a magnificent, star-shaped building that overlooks the River Chah. A group of dignitaries, resplendent in high-necked robes of green and yellow silk, greet your arrival: these are some of the friends of whom Banedon spoke. Sadly they recount the grim course of events that has recently befallen their country. In the far north, the town of Resa was destroyed and its people massacred by an army of Giaks. Two days later, a similar attack was launched by a Vassagonian army against the town of Zila. They swept along the Anari Pass, burning and looting every village through which they rode, and giving no quarter to those who dared resist them. And three days ago, on the western border, a fierce battle was fought at the Slovian town of Lovka for control of the bridge across the River Churdas. Shortly before midnight the might of Darklord Gnaag's horde fell upon the beleaguered garrison. They fought bravely, but by the dawn of the following day, all that remained of the town and is defenders were an acre of scorched earth and a cart full of charred bones. The three enemy armies are now advancing towards Tahou. President Toltuda, the head of state, has ordered the evacuation of all women and children from the capital, and has begun strengthening the city's defences to increase its chances of withstanding the impending siege. When Banedon tells of your intention to go to Tahou, one of his friends offers a few words of caution. 'It would be unwise to attempt a landing at the capital,' he warns. 'Heavy bolt throwers have been positioned on every rooftop and tower in case the city is attacked from the air. The Darklords captured Suentina in such a fashion and the Tahouese have learnt from their neighbour's misfortune. Skyships rarely visit Tahou, which makes it all the more likely that your craft would be mistaken for a hostile attacker.'

    After long deliberation, you and Banedon decide to leave the Skyrider in Navasari and journey to Tahou by horse. Nolrim is left in charge of the craft and crew with instructions to wait here for your return. If Tahou is besieged and he has not received word from you after two weeks, he is to return to Dessi and report that your quest has failed.

    Early next morning, you and Banedon climb into the saddles of two white Anarian steeds provided by his friends, and set off on your two-day ride to Tahou. Less than an hour after leaving Navasari you see a long line of wagons approaching. They are escorted by a troop of cavalry, and each one is crowded with women and children.

    If you wish to stop and question these people, turn to 126.

    If you wish to ride past them and press on with your journey, turn to 274.

    Mmmm that new fresh thread smell!

    I'll update the second post with information when I have a bit more time later today with the new discipline and items.

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    Did we settle on Invisibility, or is that vote still open? Or did we pick something else?

    edit: Also, let's stop and question the people. Information is always useful.

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    Question them, couldn't hurt

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    Question them, couldn't hurt
    Not so long as these people aren't really shapeshifting Helgans with insta-paralyze beams and anatomy like some of the wierder Hentai... (Unrelated side note: Today was a strange day at work)

    But yea, we might as well question 'em.

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    Question them, couldn't hurt

    It could, I mean the fruit were actually monsters, so these people could be god knows what.

    I also vote for this.

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    Question them.

    Viraletan on
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    Kill 'em. ...er. Question 'em.

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    The three enemy armies are now advancing towards Tahou. President Toltuda, the head of state, has ordered the evacuation of all women and children from the capital,


    Less than an hour after leaving Navasari you see a long line of wagons approaching. They are escorted by a troop of cavalry, and each one is crowded with women and children.

    2 + 2 = Question them.

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    I got really confused when I saw the old thread was locked.

    Question them.

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    Question them

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    Talk to the (presumably) civvies.

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    Looking at the items, how come our liquid purple friend is getting left behind?

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    Page 126: The officer in charge of the mounted escort rides forward to meet you. He wears silvered Anarian mail and a winged helmet embossed with the crest of Tahou.

    'Hail, captain!' says Banedon, upon seeing his crown-shaped badge of rank. The man narrows his eyes and regards you both with suspicion. He is about to reach for his sword when a woman shouts from the leading wagon.

    'Banedon! Banedon! Is that you?'

    Your companion recognizes the woman and returns her wave. 'Lortha! By the stars, I had not expected to meet you here,' he says in a surprised tone. The captain relaxes his guard and motions to the wagons to move on, anxious that his entourage is not delayed on the highway.

    'You can fall in with us or save your reunion till we reach Navasari,' he says, curtly, and rides on without waiting for a reply.

    'Lortha is the wife of Chiban, a famous Tahouese magician. He was my mentor when I lived and studied in the city,' says Banedon.

    If you wish Banedon to talk to this woman, turn to 209.

    If you insist that you both continue your journey without delay, turn to 274.

    Banedon you sly dog!

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    let him pump her for information

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    Let him talk.

    Viraletan on
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    brake 7 wrote: »
    let him pump her for information

    He can pump her, if you know what I mean.

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    Page 209: Banedon rides alongside the crowded wagon and talks with Lortha as the procession continues on its way to Navasari. After a few minutes' conversation she hands him a scrap of parchment, and they bid each other farewell.

    'They are the last of the evacuees,' he says, as you continue your ride north. 'They expect the enemy to reach Tahou in two days' time. They've already seen Giak scouts and early this morning a squadron of Kraan were sighted high in the western skies. She advises us to steer clear of a village called Sidara. It's rumoured to have already fallen to the enemy. She also gave me this. . . .'

    Banedon hands you the scrap of parchment. It contains a few lines of Anarian script, an address and a signature. 'It's an invitation to stay at Chiban and Lortha's house in Tahou. It may be useful when we reach the city gate.'

    Mark this Invitation on your Action Chart as a Special Item that you keep in your pocket. If you already carry the maximum number of Special Items, you must discard one in favour of this new item.

    To continue your journey north, turn to 274.

    Party Invitation added to inventory!

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    Page 52: For three hours you ride without pause or rest along the Tahou highway. On either side the whispering grasses of the Anari plain stir lazily in the thin breeze of morning. Villages are few, but wherever there are trees you are sure to find a group of huts nearby.

    The highway descends along a ridge towards a copse of stunted trees, where a circle of simple dwellings have been built around a well. At your approach, a bell is sounded and several peasants appear, each holding a basket of assorted wares, which they urge you to buy.

    If you wish to examine these wares, turn to 331.

    If you wish to continue through the village without stopping, turn to 52.

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    Man, all these seemingly innocuous decisions to slow down slightly just have to be leading to something bad. Even though I can't imagine what stinking illiterate peasants have to offer our pimped-out selves, can't hurt to take a look.

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    Check out their stuff.

    They might have some new and exotic magical substance to get Lone Wolf addicted to, like the crack berries.

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    Maybe they're selling those red jungle fruits we attacked.

    Check out their junk.

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    Check out their stuff.

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    Check if they have any magic mushrooms for sale.

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    Maybe one of the wares are "insta-grow red shirt seeds". We need some of those for the strict purpose of learning from thier deaths. We'd better take a look.

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    I have to wonder why these people are hanging around in an *unfortified* village when the evil army of doom is coming and even people in the *fortified* city are fleeing for their lives. On top of that they're being a little overly friendly... move along

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    I'll make it 6-to-2 because don quixote's minority opinion makes more sense. skip the village

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    Move along.

    Maximus on
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    The better to pickpocket you with.

    Get away, poor people!

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    Page 331: The villagers swarm around you like hungry locusts, pleading with you to buy their humble goods. Most of the baskets contain food with a greasy, off-putting smell, and small earthenware flasks full of boza--a pale yellow wine with a bouquet like sour milk. Those villagers that are too poor to offer any goods at all simply cup their hands and beg for money. For every one Gold Grown you spend here you can purchase 2 Meals or one Flask of Boza.

    If you wish to give the beggars some money, turn to 163.

    If you decide to remount your horse and continue, turn to 52.

    You saw nothing.

    Kelor on
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    Finally you decide to remember the thread. Was going to call you earlier to remind you but I couldn't find the phone.

    Viraletan on
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    We should Move along.

    Viraletan on
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    EDIT: Waaaait a minute. Check out wares beat move along by 6-4.

    Man in the Mists on
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    move along

    donkyhotay on
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    Now we're moving along I guess.

    Page 52: As the hour of noon approaches, the rutted highway of khaki-coloured earth rises gently towards a flat-topped house near the horizon. Outside, at the entrance, is a three-legged stand erected over a fire made of ghorkas' dung. A battered tin pot full of soup hangs from the crotch of the stand, and a group of farm hands stand in line waiting for the muddy liquid to boil. The smell of the fire is awful, and it has to be blown on ceaselessly to prevent it from going out. Close to the house is a dirt track, which branches off the main highway and disappears to the west. A signpost, its wood cracked and twisted, points along the track. It reads:

    If you have the Magnakai Discipline of Pathsmanship, turn to 96.

    If you wish to follow the track, turn to 187.

    If you wish to question the farm hands, turn to 252.

    If you decide to continue along the highway, turn to 318.

    We have Magnakai Pathmanship.

    Kelor on
  • KelorKelor regular
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    Page 96: Immediately you sense that the signpost is pointing in the wrong direction. Tahou lies to the north, yet this signpost is pointing towards the River Churdas in the west.

    If you wish to ignore the signpost and continue along the highway, turn to 318.

    If you wish to question the farm hands, turn to 252.

    Kelor on
  • Chrono HelixChrono Helix regular
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    Ask who screwed the sign.

    Chrono Helix on
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    Question the farm-hands.

    Viraletan on
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    Question away.

    Bioptic on
  • KelorKelor regular
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    Page 252: Like most southern Anarian peasants, these farm hands are simple folk. They have heard nothing of the war in the north, and know nothing about the Darklord armies that are poised to assault their capital. All they are able to tell you is that a great many wagons carrying 'Takas', or rich city folk, have travelled the road to Navasari in the last ten days.

    They would be happy to share their humble meal of corn soup with you, but the smell of their dung fire has destroyed your appetite and you refuse their offer politely. Banedon, who has been talking with the owner of the house, returns to his horse and nods at the signpost. 'It's pointing the wrong way. A few days ago one of the Takas' wagons ran into it and nobody has bothered to fix it yet.'

    With a wave, the farm hands bid you farewell as you urge your horses back on to the highway. You are now hungry and must eat a Meal or lose 3 ENDURANCE points.

    Turn to 318.

    We do not need to eat a meal due to Huntmastery.

    Kelor on
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