My Venom pic for Spider-man 3

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Since Spider-man 3 is coming out in a month and a new trailer with some better footage has been released, I'll just throw this up for critique now. I made this a couple months ago when that pre-production trailer was leaked onto the internet and it still had time code on it and such. I threw this together and threw it onto the internet saying it was from a trailer to see who would bite...not alot of people....BUT a few did AND it did find it's way onto some foreign site, they thought it was thats a win i suppose. Let me know what you think. Its not perfect but i tried to get it to look like a movie frame still and was pleased with the end result.


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  • BearcatBearcat Registered User
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    Is this a painting or a model?

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  • FibretipFibretip Registered User
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    to be honest it looks like a picture of a body builder that's been colourized and a bunch of other "found" objects stuck together and then filtered to hell.... i don't really know what to crit here.... if you suceeded in fooling people then well done. If you're just posting for bragging rights then there you go, if you actually want help making these things better, i'd say use less obvious filters, the motion blur and excessive softening make it look like an old school PSX fmv scene rather than a blockbuster movie.

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    Honestly, you are exactly right. It ishodgepodge of pictures with an insane amount of filters used to make it look like that. I posted it to see if anyone knew how to make it look right without a bombardment of filters. You are right on the money. It''s a body builder with a tigers mouth and the tongue of some longest tongue record holder. I smashed them together the best I could. And of course I put it up on here to brag, I hope everyone who posts their artwork on this site is a least a little bit proud of their work and wants to show it off while they ask for tips and crits.






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  • Spectre-xSpectre-x Registered User regular
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    That's... nice.

    But it doesn't look very good. I would suggest sticking to more conventional ways of making pictures.

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  • The One 52The One 52 Registered User
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    I really don't like his face. His eyes are all messed up, and his mouth looks like he's shouting "Wazzuuuuup!" rather than being a menace of some sort.

    Anyway, I'd have to agree with Spectre-X here: "I would suggest sticking to more conventional ways of making pictures."

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  • MEADONEMEADONE Registered User
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    I think this is a valid way to make art. It's basically a collage technique (albeit very stubble). The face seems a bit weird, and not everything meshes perfectly, but it's pretty good and I wouldn't have guessed you made it that way right off.

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