Wireless can be such a twat

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We bought a new router because the old one broke. We have 8 computers connecting to a router using WPA-PSK (It is a Belkin wireless N router). 1 of the computers that could connect to the old router using WPA is now throwing a hissy fit. It can connect fine as long as there is no security feature turned on (WPA1 or 2) but has "limited to no connectivity" as soon as we turn on WPA. Of course I've done the standard thing of checking that the protocols match (i.e. WPA1 on both devices, TKIP or AES encription match). It is leaving me a bit clueless. I swear at one point the laptop was connected even though WPA was on, so it is possible in principle, but after a restart all connectivity was lost again. It asks for a password, then tries to log on for over a minute and then says that there is limites or no connectivity. All other computers are connecting just fine.

It is making me want to pull my hair out.

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    nothing to add, but "limited to no connectivity" drives me to insanity too. I once put a letter opener knife through a no brand router because of this. Routers, you have been warned...

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    I am glad to hear that my thoughts of buying powertools simply for the purpose of pulverizing this router are not completely out of the ordinary. There are two things in computing that I can't be arsed with: Printers and networking.

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    I found I had troubles with my Linksys not assigning computers an IP properly if I tried to use the passphrase rather than the hex-key. I think that was with WEP though, not WPA, so your mileage may vary.

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    Its also worth re-typing the pre-shared key into the laptop and making sure its right.

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    Make sure you have the latest drivers for your wireless adapter in the offending computer. Lots of people think to update firmware on the router (which you should also check for), but not adapter drivers. Vendors often release updated drivers to fix issues like these.

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    After 6 months of utter misery I bought a 25m cable and will never use wireless again if I can help it. Simply infuriating machine.

    Do drivers, firmware, and make sure that there have been no transcription errors when you typed in the key.

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    I'm glad to hear so much misery about wireless. I've given up trying to figure out why it's so shitty, whenever someone asks my answer is that the house is built on an indian burial ground. So infuriating.

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