Ragnarok Online 2 Registration Guide

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This Is A Guide Kinda On the Korean Ragnarok Online 2 Registration page since i dont see another one.
Start Here:
This is 2nd page
3rd Page First Part
3rd Page 2nd Part

The Address Search is Annoying >.> Wont Pop up for me and i get errors on page when i do click it
I cant Disclose Information on Kssn's As it is illegal how you get them is none of my business.

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    Man, someone ban this tard and delete his threads.

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    Oh no, not RO2, that'll be the end of my free time.

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  • PbPb Registered User
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    I mean, seriously, I don't want to do another level 80 int Priest, but it's calling to me.

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    Why would you want to play a completely Korean game?

    I can understand the Gundam one...since, you know, it's Gundams, but it seems that this would be more trouble than its worth.

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    because it is Ragnarok, and thus addictingly awesome.

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