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I'm trying to figure out which game the midi music which plays at the end of "Penny Arcade: The Series
Season 1: Pilot Part 1" came from. Also, it sounds like it's either a mixture of midi and orchestra, or a remix of some sort. It sounded late NES to me... quite honestly. Any suggestions would be helpful, since at present I have no idea where to begin.

To be clear; not the band which played at PAX, but the extra diegetic music which begins around the 33rd second, then plays intermittently throughout the the video.

I couldn't find a forum specifically for the series, nor did a search yield anything referring to the in-series music.

[Edit] It was listed in the credits; Anamanaguchi - Helix Nebula.

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    No MIDI involved here, Anamanaguchi makes music that plays on a real NES! It's is quite a feat. Also, not sure if you were doubting it but they did play at PAX.

    Helix Nebula is from the album Dawn Metropolis.

    If you're into more modern-NES stuff Rushjet1 also makes great tunes.

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    The appropriate thread for discussing PATV is here.

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