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Social Entropy++: AWESOME POST in "I'm embarrased I play WoW", by CypherKnight

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Post: I'm embarrased I play WoW
Forum: Social Entropy++
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Posted by: CypherKnight
Original Content:
The stereotype or the trope if you will for the typical WoW player is some pimply kid in his basement who can't or more accurately will never get a girlfriend 'cause he's too busy with his raiding schedule.

I'm a thirty year old virgin who wants to kill Arthas and I'm embarrased to tell people I play WoW but my character isn't fully equipped with 232 gear so I guess that makes it's ok. Or not.

I guess it's kinda like what Dave Chapelle meant in that sketch with the racism fairy when he tries to avoid eating fried chicken, you know 'cause he's black.

When am I writing this? While my server restarts.

Happy New Year!

Bonne annee and nice to meet you all.

Neli on


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