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    Hey, I like those styles. Keep it up!

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    Pirate Baby's Cabana Street Fight
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    Ah, I knew I'd seen this work somewhere before -- from the DD thread on

    Nice to see a fellow gigposterer/PA'er. 8-)

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    Oh man, so envious of your in-home screenprinting. Must tell us how you managed it!! I really miss doing it, never though you'd be able to set it up like that. And such clean nice looking prints omg.

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    Did artwork for two more posters that need to get printed as soon as I get the transparencies. (my transparency guy fell off the face of the world so it seems)



    Also, forgot to mention that the album cover for Lord Green originally began as an entry for an AC Challenge that I actually finished now and edited it a bit to more reflect the band. Update for moar skullbongz:


    Godfather: Me too! ;D Grenn: Fuck yeah!

    For the tutorials there are so many aspects I could touch on. Right away I can tell you that printing will most likely be an investment you have to make at your expense. It's an art form like any other that demands dedication and attention to detail if you want control. I spent a couple hundred bucks to ensure I had everything I needed to produce the prints I am able to now. Probably around $600 for a lot of the equipment, building materials, printing supplies and even paper(more info in each photo preceding that one) that will last a few sizable editions. Many people happen to already have or can find things that contribute to production.

    I'll list some of the references I've continued to use that really put things into perspective for now:

    Squeegeeville's Andy MacDougall has made the book Screen Printing Today which is one of the best contemporary screen printing books I've read for those new to or looking to start printing and understand a lot of the basic concepts. Worth the money, especially if you don't want to spend the time researching all kinds of topics all over the web and such like I did. It encompasses some process variations, but is clear on what is essential in every aspect. Not technically superfluous, but very concise.

    Andy is a very active and contactable person. In fact a while ago he posted a very thorough excerpt on the waterbased printing I do.

    Kevin Tong does a wonderful job documenting and explaining quite a few things that he goes through in order to print. His news blog especially. I swear every other post is a fucking tutorial and I don't understand how he has the time to lay it all out so well. A recent post even features an appearance of Olly Moss on Youtube. *Commence embarrassment of Olly* For example, if you click through each picture there's info with them in these Flickr Sets: Mogwai Screen Printing Process + Jenny Lewis Poster Process and Photojournal

    I really appreciated the documentation of this process from scratch to first print by Casey Britt. The same suppliers I use are linked at the top, though I get Ulano LX660 emulsion instead and my waterbased Speedball Acrylic Ink from Valley Litho. Also, larger screens from GM Graphics.

    I need a break from typing. Let me know if there's anything specific any of you want to know about how I'll do something. I'll gladly post something about it. It'll be a while till I can really go through each step I do, but if you give me something to start with it may help you! Otherwise I was thinking about writing out what you can do about making proper separations with some of the work I do as an example.

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