Portable Wi-Fi hotspot

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Costs roughly $1000 and around $50/month for the cell phone broadband plan in your area. But it is indeed a go anywhere Wi-Fi hotspot that even works at highway speeds.(supertrip people take note)




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    Thats awesome, If some of the supertrippers next year manage to build those(Id think the GTA crew could easily get enough money to make one) we can have portable online gaming with PSP and DS along the trip...

    Hows the coverage though on the cellular internet, would you occaisonally be hitting areas that have no coverage, and therefor no WiFi?

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    No, I would imagine the Wi-Fi router would work without an internet connection, just like a LAN wireless router at your house, so you would just not have internet access.

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    It'd be easy enough to build such a system into the bus. You wouldn't have to mess with the solar panels or such, just have a few high power antennas and a signal booster to cover the straglers.

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