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Hooray for Parentals

Tommy2HandsTommy2Hands what is this where am iRegistered User regular
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...or not

My mom is currently in the other room, having some sort of psychotic breakdown while cursing my existence. She throwing stuff, smashing things, and she nearly punched me in the gut earlier. This all happened after my former-alcoholic aunt came over to try to make amends with my mother, as well as drop off a gift for my little sister. My mom, apparently convinced that this gift was actually some sort of insult to her, began screaming extremely rude and hurtful comments at her for the next half-hour. Tired of it, I walked out of the bomb shelter that had become my room, intending to calm my mother down and politely ask my aunt to leave, with the promise that I would have a more personal conversation with her later.

Instead, my mother screamed in rage in the background while I listened to her twin tell me on and on about how sorry she was for the past couple years. After finally politely telling her that now was perhaps a bad time, I turned to my mom to face down one of the largest shitstorms I've seen from her in quite a while. Besides being repeatedly called a loser and told that I'll never amount to anything, I was also told that in her educated opinion, my sleeping disorder was self-induced, and that her constant anger was generally my fault.

Fed up with listening to her tell me what a piece of shit I am, I walked back into my room, and locked the door.

Though this tends to happen every few days, this is the first time I'm going out on a limb to ask anyone else

What the fuck do I do?

This could also be a general friend/family/whathaveyou venting thread, I suppose.

Tommy2Hands on


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