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fffffffanother art topic? puh-lease. C&C wanted~

SapphirelullabySapphirelullaby Registered User
edited January 2010 in Artist's Corner
Heey guys. So I've heard some good stuff about this forum, and I've been lurking the 'net trying to find some places where I could get some 1. good resources on art and drawing in general 2. get some legit, honest criticisms and evaluations. I'm not a hot-shot artist, and I'm only 18, but I do truly want to improve. After two years of very unproductive work, I want to start this year off with a bang and hopefully, by the end of it, I'd have improved 10x. So I'll be updating this thread with more posts with arts and stuff, so be sure to skim to see more images hopefully soon c:

As such it'd be foolish to think I could do it on my own. So I'll be making a little home here in this thread -- I'll be posting doodles, studies, full-out drawings, whatever I create. I'll try my hardest not to post only things I deem "good" or whatnot. That'd be silly and just make improving harder. And if you guys have any suggestions for resources, tutorials, or even just drawing exercises, I'd LOVE that.

Oh, and if anyone out there wants to improve pretty hardcore with me, I'll probably be found at often at Niko's Paintchat. as Sapphire Kumi. yeah, I've been there for a loong time.

So have it at it guys! I promise not to cry. too much. kidding kidding.

Here's some recent stuff to get the ball rolling, mostly doodles/sketches/speedpaints:



^ I need srs help with this, I'm ready to give up on it. If anyone wants to see the full ver. to help please let me know..I didn't want to rape your monitors with a huge image. Dx


Here's a speedpaint, about an hour and a half. There's a lot wrong with it, but I liked the concept for some reason so I might try a fullblown image of it some time, in a more realistic style. So any suggestions/help would be really nice.


^And here's just a doodle without using reference to show my poor anatomy skills. haha.

Will post more soon hopefully. Here's some more general info about me, so you can get the gist of myself as an artist, my goals, etc. c: :

I'll be attending college this fall, although I'm not quite sure where yet. I do know, however, that I want to be a graphic design major. While I'm pretty bad at graphic design, I do want to learn and become proficient at this major as I attend classes. I will always, however, be an illustrator at heart; My hope is that I will be able to hold a graphic design job as my career when I'm out of college and still be able to do freelance work on the side. While I used to want to be a full-time illustrator/ concept artist (pfftt I'm so unimaginative), I don't think that will pan out for me financially. But who knows what the future will bring.

I also hope that perhaps one day I will be able to make some sort of webcomic of my original characters. I'm not sure if this'll work out either, but I do want to try my hardest to make this happen; this means vastly improving my character drawing (anatomy,posing, expressions etc) and to learn how to draw comics well. So I also, once again, hope to improve on things such as backgrounds etc. And, secretly, I want to learn how to stop drawing so animu.

tl;dr version : I WANNA GET BETTERRR

I'm sorry that was so long. >:

Sapphirelullaby on


  • bombardierbombardier Moderator mod
    edited January 2010
    For the one in the Photoshop screen, try adding some other colours to your shadows. It's a fairly bright and clear day, so even in the shadows away from the direct sunlight, you're going to get blue light from the sky. Check out Bacon's stuff on here, he is quite good at the whole reflected light business and could be of way more help than I.

    bombardier on
  • WassermeloneWassermelone Registered User regular
    edited January 2010
    Ill try to write a larger critique later, but on first blush you should do some hand (and anatomy in general) studies. You seem to be relying on some specific hand 'poses' and avoiding everything else.

    Wassermelone on
  • SapphirelullabySapphirelullaby Registered User
    edited January 2010
    @ Bombardier: That sounds like a good idea, I'll definitely keep trying to add more color to the shadows. However I'm having trouble finding the right just doesn't seem to be turning out right.

    @Wasser : Yeah, I'm sketching a lot of anatomy studies and hand gestures in my sketchbook; hands and feet are probably my weakest points. I really don't want to have to rely on said 'poses', but I suppose only more practice could fix that. It's really difficult and I only have one anatomy book. I'll give the tutorials/resource section here a peruse and see if I can find anything helpful for this.

    Thanks for the crits guys! I appreciate it.

    Sapphirelullaby on
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