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conventions '07 (?)

anonymous cowardanonymous coward Registered User
edited April 2007 in PAX Archive
Hi there; wasn't sure where to post this, (I know it's not about PAX per se) but anyways I was just curious to know if the PA lads are going to be making any convention appearances this year? Cheers

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  • Robert KhooRobert Khoo Registered User, ClubPA staff
    edited April 2007
    San Diego Comic Con and PAX are the next two we've got for this year. :)

    Robert Khoo on
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  • panksea06panksea06 Registered User
    edited April 2007
    And as you saw from the news post you just missed Sakur- sackur- eh that one con and about a month or two ago was the Emerald City comi con which I think they generally attend as well.

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  • dyaballikldyaballikl PAX Main Theatre House & Security Manager • PAX Community Cartographer Gold Coast QLD AustraliaRegistered User regular
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    just missed sakuracon

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