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Hello all! I don't really post here very often but I hope to change that. Just recently I completed the hometests for RISD and Cooper Union for their freshman applications...in the same period of three weeks. So I ended up making a total of 12 drawings and paintings in that time period. The tests were made so that I had to make works around these problems that were given to me, which goes:
Cooper Union:
Design and environmentally Appropriate Billboard with a public service message
Inaccessible landscape with articulated foreground and background
Series of rhythmic forms and movements
Self portrait with an ideal head or body...me as Glam David Bowie
Draw from life three botanical specimens and then create a new one from the three specimens
Drawing of bicycle
Drawing that utilizes both sides of the paper, I ended up making a tri-fold pamphlet. It isn't obvious from the images, but it's folded so the front side is a door, which opens to a self portrait looking into a mirror which opens again to the interior of a room with a portrait and cut out window, which when folded looks like a separate figure on the back.
Drawing showing three perspectives
This ended up being the death of me...or it would have been if not for a blizzard making it impossible for distractions and schoolwork haha so....thoughts? crits? threats? I'm open to all of them
Link to old thread: http://forums.penny-arcade.com/showthread.php?t=105970

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    Hmmmm Not bad. Pretty awesome. I like the bike the best. Spot on accuratacy.

    I also like the eye painting and the one using both sides of the paper. Great concepts.

    Why not use your old threads? Its a shame that they dissapear into history... never to be seen again... :cry:

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    oh! I didn't think about that....maybe I should do that....how about I change the OP so there's a link to my older one? And yeah, I probably ended up spending the most time on the bicycle piece...because there's just so much you can do to make a bicycle interesting haha

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    Just finished these pieces recently

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