Vault Boy Puppet Stand/Enclosure

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A year ago I picked up a couple of vault boy puppets as a gift to some close friends. Over an outing we started discussing stands and what to use as a display case. I suggested that my wood working friend create a base that looks like vault door. A year later here are the results! Cheers to my good friend Patrick for making this to spec.

Here's the base made from Walnut. Kudo's to Pat for his excellent craftsmanship.


Here's the infamous vault boy puppet. Yes.. he speaks to me at night.


The bell jar -- can be found anywhere on ebay ranging from $40-50


Finally all three put together:


For those with Vault Boy Puppets my friend may consider making this on request if there are enough. The biggest time consumer is applying the lacquer due to the cold weather we've had.


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  • ManonvonSuperockManonvonSuperock Registered User regular
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    that jar's way too small for him. in a display case, you need to give the item room to breath, not be squished and malformed by the casing around it.

    you would also want the stand tall enough that the shirt fully hangs down, and doesn't crumple up, making him look stumpy.

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  • TeangeolaiTeangeolai Registered User
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    Yeah, the stand looks awesome, but I agree that the glass jar is rather too small for the size of the puppet. He looks really squished in there. The wooden gear is super classy though.

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    Why didn't your friend post these?

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  • jorussjoruss Registered User
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    Forbe! wrote: »
    Why didn't your friend post these?

    He didn't have a bell jar and the first base he made was for me.

    joruss on
  • DMACDMAC Moderator mod
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    Yeah, this is kind of neat but putting a bell jar on top of something someone else made doesn't really qualify as art. This might almost be better of somewhere like the Games and Technology subforum.

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