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I'm still sort of working on my portfolio, and as such, it's.. hard to find other people to critique my stuff, as I don't live near any artists. :\ I'd like to upload, but I can' because of my internet limitations, and some personal garbage I'm not excited to talk about... :?

Anyway.. this a link to my on-line port site. :\ Just looking for some constructive crits outside the circle of friends I have.

Update: I'll be sure to throw down direct links when I have more to show off. I have 4 new images on the way that might be better at displaying a more uniform skill.

That said, I'm glad that I'm getting actual, good, sincere feedback. I was afraid that exposing my art on any forum would lead to a small scale fire and then a simple dump of my on-line stuff into the proverbial garbage pit for a light roasting of marshmallows. This is a pleasant change from either purely positive feedback with no filler, or absolute invisibility.

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  • mensch-o-maticmensch-o-matic Registered User regular
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    You should post your art in the thread itself. From what I've seen at your site your poses are a bit stiff, and I can't place how but the anatomy looks a little weird (limbs too long or short maybe?)

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    I hope I can make future image posts here on the thread, rather than through a link. The process requires me running to a place with wi-fi for this laptop. :\ Can't afford to get the net at home yet..

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    Posting links to specific pieces you want us to look at will get you a lot more feedback than "Here's my entire portfolio"

    That said, what are you trying to tailor this portfolio for? Illustration work, Concept Design work?

    Glancing over the characters section, the biggest issue I see is huge inconsistencies in quality and style. Some of the anatomy and drawing is passable and some is totally off, from picture to picture it seems like each individual piece has a totally different technical approach, and it's almost like each one could be coming from a different artist. Some of them are just plain unresolved and don't really belong in a professional portfolio

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    Huh? Posting an image in the forum isn't as convoluted an excercise as you think it is.
    Copy image from interweb, paste into MS Paint, upload to imageshack and voila.

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    Got ya.

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    One suggestion I would make is to put some of your stronger, better work at the front of each section. I like some of the work in your characters/creatures section, but I don't think the first image that comes up is a good representation of your ability. Your line-art and grayscale work stands out the most to me, so I would feature some of that if I were ordering the portfolio. Keep at it!

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