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I just downloaded secondlife, i used to have one but i forgot the password so i made a new one. The regestry worked perfectly, same with downloading and installing it. So i clicked sign in and it was loading but then it said: "Unable to connect to Secondlife. despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong. Please check to see if there is a known problem with the service." I checked the website but it didn't say anything was wrong. Does anybody know what's going on? HELP!

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    You want H/A, buddy. It's another floor down.

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    Ok? What does this have to do with my question? And your message makes no sense.

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    -Candii Starsider;-)
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    It means you posted in the wrong forum, we just do art here. It's like going to the shoe department and asking them about towles.

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    Please post this in the help and advice forum. This forum is for art.

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