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I am a new artist and an aspiring graphic designer with not much experience in photography either. All i have is a little point and shoot cheapo 100 dollar Panasonic 8 mega pixel camera. My question is how can i make these normal pictures look better? i have photoshop CS4 and one semester of photoshop classes. I'm not completely new but still learning so i don't know what little things can be done for results. I know simple things but what steps would a professional take before lets say posting a picture in a magazine article? i was going to upload some pix i took of my wife today but i don't seem to have the option. Any suggestions?

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    You're better off asking this in the photo thread (technically the Q&A, but I think you'd get more of a a response in the photothread), the photo guys tend to hang out there more often than reading individual threads. Also, new threads must contain art.

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    thx man

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    Yeah don't make threads without any content. Questions can go in the already existing threads on the subject.

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