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Before i start posting a storm of artwork, i think i should probably use my first post as a bit of an introduction.

My Alias is Irony, and i am an artist.

I can't draw, paint, play an instrument, else...write? (poetry, stories, etc)

Although i do like Photoshop...its my way of expressing myself. I get an idea, and create it via bitmap.
I consider myself and anyone else who can take an idea and express it physically, in writting, or in music is considered an artist.

I love Penny Arcade (both the comic and the new series), and decided that this might be an interesting place to begin posting my newer pieces.

I hope to get some real critique (both my strong points and weakness's) so i can become a better artist and maybe even a better person.

If Photoshop didn't already hint at it, I'm studying Graphic Design.

Now then...lets get started!

These are some of my personal favorites. I will be posting my most recent pieces on here and hopefully grow in the process.

Glad to be a part of the community!

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    Put [img][/img] tags around those addresses.


    Did you take any of these photos or make the graphics in the Retro piece?

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    Welome to the forums.
    You can just drop those images into your post with img tags, it's the way we roll here on the AC.

    I'm not sure why you have all those black and white artifacts in the first two. They're not pleasing to look at and you should consider removing them.

    The third one is your most successful, though I think you've complicated the message by adding too much 'stuff'. If you removed the Z, the spade and the triangles and all the other fluff you'd have a stronger image.

    Less is always more

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    I'm most interested in your 2nd piece. But when looking at it full view you can see that you didn't properly cut the figure out because there are obvious seems around the body. And like mustang said the artifacts don't help.

    Also there is some anti-aliasing with the triangles, if you can, try redoing them at a higher resolution or using vector lines.

    In your first piece, what is with the crying face in the lower right?

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    @ Aumni:
    Wasn't sure if there was a limit to how many images were allowed per topic, which is why i didn't add any [img]tags (any dial up users? No? Good XD) The woman and t.v in the retro pieces were stock photo's. And you're right, it wasn't my best cut (i actually remember the day i was cutting out that photo i was in a bit of a rush). Remember, these were done on Photoshop (bitmap, not vector). Although i might considering using Illustrator for the shapes. As for the (T T) i will explain in a later piece EDIT: Back to the anti-aliasing, it might also look a bit edgy because i sharpen a lot of my work a bit too much for some (this is just a personal preference. I like the sharp looks it gives basic shapes) @Mustang: After looking at a LOT of Graphic Design from different artists, styles, and parts of the world, i noticed space seems to be a big part of modern design. Although i do agree that sometimes less is more, in regards to the retro piece i'd have to disagree. If, for example, that Z was removed, it'd just look like the spades would just be floating there. As weird as it sounds, to me, the Z adds a bit of a "plain" to the abstract (if that makes sense) I really appreciate both inputs! Thanks guys :)[/img]

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