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I was one of the guys running demos for the Compleat Strategist at PAX East. I would like to give my thanks to all the Enforcers at the con. Father Fletch and his crew for table top games made the experience enjoyable, easy, and let us focus on our demos rather than worrying about finding space! Thanks again, see you next year!

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    No doubt. I was dying up there in our booth and an Enforcer (sorry, dude, I can't remember your name!) emerged from the wilderness and brought me water like a Fremen savior.

    I had an amazing time, thanks to the redshirts.

    (My amazing time was also helped by the extraordinary enthusiasm of the attendees. You're a friendly, spirited lot!)

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    I was one of the attendees and I must say the Enforcers kept everything going smoothly without being jerks about it. Considering that they got way more attendees than they expected, my hats go off to them!

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