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    My wife and I demoed Nanuk! We loved it so much we got it that day!

    We had a game night last night and introduced our friends to it and they all had a blast playing it! A big thanks to Will for teaching us such a fun game!

    Also, Zombie and Cthulhu dice! These will be purchased as soon as they come out. My wife and I have never been big tabletop gamers, but Pax East has changed that!

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    Zombie Dice and Cthullu Dice were, actually, available for sale (in very, very limited quantities) at the Complete Strategist booth on the second floor.
    SJ Games brought a case or two with them and let CS sell them (and from what I hear, CS allocated them to be available at the start of each day of the convention).
    So, if you were standing at the booth as it opened, you had a chance at getting them.

    Munchkin is a great game. I specialize in running what I call the brawl (named so because of how the players out here play it), where all the decks are used. You haven't seen anything until you see this, and I use Epic rules when I do this. Alas, I did not do this at Pax East. I do run this at all the local cons when I'm attending as a GM.
    Could such a game be run at Pax East? Sure, but it would require space and scheduling, something I'm hoping to work out when the official announcement for next year appears on the main webpage.
    Still, this is based on public demand, so if you want to see this, you have to let me know. Send me a PM, please.

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    They had a six hour block dedicated to Munchkin. Now, playing and epic blender wth every set would likely eat up a good chunk of that time.

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    I finally learned how to play magic the gathering, and manage to scrape together a deck from 2 swag bags. Yay?

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    Rayze wrote: »
    While in the queue line waiting for the Saturday concert, my friends and I were approached by this guy asking if we wanted to play Chrononauts (card game). It was hideously complex in explanation but pretty easy and fun to play. If we're able to find it in a store, we'll buy it so thanks to the Chrononauts guy for that

    I see you're in MA; if you're anywhere near Boston, Pandemonium, Your Move Games and The Compleat Strategist all carry it (I used to work for both Looney Labs and Pandy, I was demoing Fluxx, Chrononauts and Treehouse for Compleat Strategist all weekend).

    I have to say, as a complete Looney Labs nut, Chrononauts is my favourite of their games; it makes me happy in all my best gamer brainmeats. I was really happy to get to play it 4 times over the weekend.


    My music discovery for the weekend would totally have to be Anamanaguchi. I walked into the concert on friday, sat down for a bit, and was tweeting WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? WHY DON'T I KNOW THEM??? I wound up searching #pax to find other current tweets to figure out who I was watching, which was a serious 'the future is awesome' moment ('I'm at a concert! I have no idea who is playing! Internet powers, activate!') They totally blew me away.

    My game discovery was Turba. turbagame.com. I went overboard praising it on my LJ: http://thespian.livejournal.com/1562997.html


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    I second Turba. I would be playing it right now but my suitcase got put on the wrong plane...

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