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[BSG: Base] Game 22; Human Fleet adrift in space; Cylons Win!

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After forty years passing without a single word from the Cylons, they returned, and all but eradicated the human race. In this time of strife, they must put aside the petty differences that once separated them and focus on one thing — survival.

Humanity's only hope of a future is to find a new home; a place called Earth. The Cylons, however, are in constant and tireless pursuit. They now look, breathe and bleed exactly like humans. Cylons have infiltrated the Fleet, destroyed resources, and threaten to finish the extermination they have begun. The humans have no choice but to run, plagued by the paranoia of an indistinguishable enemy.

Are you a Cylon who will help to erase any memory of the human race? Or will your resilience and determination to survive prove to the Cylons that humanity is worth saving?

Rules and Utilities - Please refer to these often, as not all information about the game is collected in this post.

Rules, from the Fantasy Flight Games website
FAQ and Errata, from the Fantasy Flight Games website
Variant Rules
Player Aid 1, on BoardGameGeek
Player Aid 2, on BoardGameGeek

Notes and Guidelines for this play-by-post game:
Secrecy is an important part of this game! As such, the following rules must be followed at all times:
  • You may not tell other players the exact value/type of cards that are in your hand, that you plan to put into a Skill Check, or what you had put into a Skill Check after it is resolved. You may still use vague terms to describe the cards you hold/play. (i.e. "I have a number of cards that can help in this situation.")
  • If an ability or action allows you to look at the top card of any deck, you are not allowed to tell the other players what that card is or any specific information about it.
  • All communication between players must be made through this thread. No private conversations allowed!
  • Human players and Revealed Cylons must both adhere to these rules: Revealed Cylons may not show their hands to other players or reveal their Super Crisis card until they play it.

Any time you are playing or discarding an action card, it should be reported in the thread. The only secret plays are those made to skill checks. On skill checks, the rules state that submissions to the check are made beginning with the player after the active player then continuing in turn order, ending with the active player. Thus, if it is important you may request to know how many cards people coming before you in that order contributed before deciding on your own submission. Such requests should be in bold cyan to be official and may be answered either by the GM or by the players involved; any other discussions of cards submitted to a check will be considered provisional and non-binding. Final submission numbers will be given by the GM at the time of resolution.

There are a number of Skill Cards that can be played under certain conditions. For the purposes of keeping things moving at a good pace, I recommend sending me a PM guidelines or instructions in advance detailing the circumstances in which you want to use them.

Skill Cards that come before events:
Tactics 3-5: Strategic Planning is played before a die roll; adds 2 to the result.
Engineering 3-5: Scientific Research is played before cards are added on a skill check; lets engineering cards be added for any check
Politics 3-5: Investigative Committee is played before cards are added on a skill check; all cards are played face up

Playing Scientific Research or Investigative Committee MUST be declared BEFORE the person playing them submits their own cards on a skill check. Once you make a submission it will be too late for those. On Strategic Planning, I advise you to consider circumstances when you might want to use it and PM me general guidelines. If an applicable situation comes up, I'll wait on the die roll for you to check in.

If an Investigative Committee is played halfway through a skill check, all players who have already contributed to the check will be allowed to change their contributions from what they initially PM'd me before they post them to the thread.

Skill Cards that come after events:
Piloting 1-2: Evasive Maneuvers is played after a viper is attacked and damaged or destroyed; the die is re-rolled, subtracting 2 from the result if piloted by a player character.
Leadership 3-5: Declare Emergency is played after a failed Skill Check; subtracts two from the total needed for a complete pass, not affecting the amount needed for a partial pass.

Game Board and Character information
The Board
Above, the game board at the beginning of the game, before characters are placed. The fleet has four resources that will deplete over the course of the game: Fuel (starts at 8), Food (starts at 8), Morale (starts at 10), and Population (starts at 12). One Basestar and three Raiders are deployed at the fore of Galactica, two civilian ships at the aft, and one Viper in each of the port-bow and port-quarter areas.

General Game Flow and Victory Conditions
Human Victory: Reach Kobol. This is done by making one final jump after accumulating a Destination Score of 8 or more (Every time you jump you will earn a Destination Card with a score of 1, 2, or 3).
Cylon Victory: End humanity. This is done by destroying Galactica (damage six locations), dropping one of the fleet's stats (Fuel, Food, Morale, Population) to 0, or getting a raiding party far enough into Galactica's innards.

At the start of the game, each player is given one Loyalty Card (Exception: Gaius Baltar, who receives two) that indicates whether or not a player starts out as a Human or a Cylon player. Players take turns in sequence, encountering crises and jumping the fleet towards the destination of Kobol. When a distance of 4 or greater has been reached, the Sleeper Agent Phase activates: each player, including Revealed Cylons, is dealt one more Loyalty Card (Exception: Sharon Valerii, who receives two) that may change that player's alignment. The total number of Cylons present in the game is fixed and dependent on the number of players in the game.

Human (and Unrevealed Cylon) Game Turn
1. Receive Skills Step: The current player draws the number and types of Skill Cards listed on his character sheet.
2. Movement Step: The current player may move to a different location. If he moves to a different ship (from Galactica to Colonial One or vice versa), he must discard one Skill Card from his hand.
3. Action Step: The current player chooses one action to perform. Options include the actions listed on his location, character sheet, and Skill Cards. If piloting in a Viper, you may activate it as an action. Unrevealed Cylons may also reveal a Cylon Loyalty Card in this step.
4. Crisis Step: The top card of the Crisis deck is drawn and then resolved.
5. Activate Cylon Ships Step: If any are in play, Cylon ships are activated according to the Crisis Card drawn.
6. Prepare for Jump Step: If the Crisis Card has the "prepare for jump" icon on it, the fleet token advances one space on the Jump Preparation track. If the token reaches the end of this track, then the fleet jumps automatically.

Revealing as a Cylon
Cylon players may reveal a Loyalty Card indicating their alignment in their Action Step. The rest of their turn is resolved as follows:

1. Resolve Loyalty Card Action: If the player is not in the Brig, then the effect on their Loyalty Card takes effect.
2. Discard: The player's hand is discarded down to 3 Skill Cards.
3. Lose Titles: If the player was Admiral or President, the title is passed to the human player that is highest in the line of succession.
4. Receive Super Crisis: The player receives one random Super Crisis card from the five available.
5. Join Cylons: The player moves to the Resurrection Ship and their turn ends.

Revealed Cylon Game Turn
Revealed Cylons ignore all abilities and effects that were part of their original character.

1. Draw Skills Step: The current player may draw two Skill Cards of any type.
2. Movement Step: The current player may move to any of the Cylon Locations.
3. Action Step: The current player activates his current location and performs the listed action.

Admiral / President Roles
At the start of the game, the Admiral and President roles are given to the players who are highest in the appropriate line of succession. Players with these roles have extra powers and responsibilities throughout the game. These roles may pass from player to player depending on actions taken.

Admiral Abilities
When the fleet jumps, you draw 2 Destination Cards and choose 1.

You control the nuke tokens. (There are 2 nuke tokens available at the start of the game.)

Action: Launch 1 nuke at a Basestar (the nuke is removed from the game).

Nukes damage a Basestar twice on a roll of 1-2, automatically destroy a Basestar on a roll of 3-6, and automatically destroy a Basestar and 3 Raiders in the same area on a roll of 7-8.

Admiral Succession
1. William Adama
2. Saul Tigh
3. Helo Agathon
4. Lee “Apollo” Adama
5. Kara “Starbuck” Thrace
6. Sharon “Boomer” Valerii
7. Galen Tyrol
8. Tom Zarek
9. Gaius Baltar
10. Laura Roslin

The title of Admiral is lost if the holder is sent to the Brig, and is given to the human player highest in succession that is not in the Brig. If all human players are in the Brig, then the title goes to the player highest in the normal succession.
President Abilities
At the start of the game, draw 1 Quorum Card. You control the hand of Quorum Cards.

Action: Draw a Quorum Card into your hand.

Quorum cards can be played as an action and specialize in increasing resources and dealing with unrevealed Cylons.

President Succession
1. Laura Roslin
2. Gaius Baltar
3. Tom Zarek
4. Lee “Apollo” Adama
5. William Adama
6. Karl “Helo” Agathon
7. Galen Tyrol
8. Sharon “Boomer” Valerii
9. Saul Tigh
10. Kara “Starbuck” Thrace

Note that if the President is in the “Brig,” he keeps the President
title and all associated abilities.

FTL Control - Action: Jump the fleet if the Jump Preparation track is not in the red zone. Might lose population. (Population is lost on a 6 or lower.)
Weapons Control - Action: Attack 1 Cylon ship with Galactica.
Command - Action: Activate unmanned Vipers 2 times. These can be used on the same viper twice, or on two different vipers. Activated vipers can be ordered to launch, move, or fire on a cylon vessel.
Communications - Action: Look at the back of up to 2 civilian ships. You may then move them to adjacent area(s).
Admiral's Quarters - Action: Choose a character; then pass this skill check to send him to the "Brig". [Skill 7, Leadership, Tactics]
Research Lab - Action: Draw 1 engineering or 1 tactics Skill Card.
Hangar Deck - Action: Launch yourself in a viper. You may then take 1 more action. (Must have the Piloting skill.)
Armory - Action: Attack a centurion on the Boarding Party track (destroyed on a roll of 7+).
Sickbay - You may only draw 1 Skill Card during your Receive Skills step.
Brig - You may not move, draw Crisis Cards, or add more than 1 card to skill checks. Action: Pass this skill check to move to any location on Galactica. [Skill 7, Politics, Tactics]
Colonial One
Press Room - Action: Draw 2 politics Skill Cards.
President's Office - Action: If you are the President, draw 1 Quorum Card. You may then draw 1 additional Quorum Card or play 1 from your hand.
Administration - Action: Choose a character, then pass this skill check to give him the President title. [Skill 5, Politics, Leadership]
Cylon Locations
Caprica - Action: Play your Super Crisis Card or draw 2 Crisis Cards, choose 1 to resolve, and discard the other. If playing a Crisis Card, the Activate Cylon Ships and Prepare for Jump Steps are ignored.
Cylon Fleet - Action: Activate all Cylon ships of one type, or launch 2 Raiders and 1 Heavy Raider from each Basestar.
Human Fleet - Action: Look at any player's hand, and steal 1 Skill Card (place it in your hand). Then roll a die, and if 5 or higher, damage Galactica.
Resurrection Ship - Action: You may discard your Super Crisis Card to draw a new one. Then, if you distance is 7 or less, give your unrevealed Loyalty Card(s) to any player.

Skill Checks
Most Crisis Cards and some Locations resolve with a Skill Check. Skill Checks are the main avenue for subterfuge for Cylon players.

A Skill Check will involve two to four types of Skill Cards, and a number. A Skill Check always includes 2 cards from the Destiny Deck (see below), and then each player may add as many cards as they like in turn (Exception: Players in Brig and Revealed Cylons may only contribute one card to each check). After the skill cards are revealed, you ADD all of the numbers from the correctly colored Skill Cards, and then SUBTRACT all of the numbers from the non-matching Skill Cards. If you meet or beat the Skill Check number, the check is a pass. This usually does nothing but avoid negative results, but can sometimes yield positive results. Some Skill Checks have a number value that allows for a partial pass; in these cases the negative results are lessened to some extent.

The Destiny Deck is composed of two cards from each of the five Skill Card types. Two are drawn in each Skill Check, and the deck is only replenished when it is exhausted (after five Skill Checks).

Skill Cards
Each player's hand is comprised of Skill Cards drawn from five different types: Politics, Leadership, Tactics, Piloting, and Engineering. There are 21 cards of each type, with Skill Check values from 1 to 5 in the following distribution: 8 x 1 Strength, 6 x 2 Strength, 4 x 3 Strength, 2 x 4 Strength, 1 x 5 Strength. These cards may also be used outside of Skill Checks either as an Action or in reaction to specific circumstances. I encourage you to PM me with circumstances in which you will automatically use your cards, so as to help keep the game moving as quickly as possible. If more than one character would be using the same card at the same time, only the next in action order will make the play. See the Notes and Guidelines sections for some rules on cards of these type.

Players have a maximum hand limit of 10 Skill Cards (Exception: Galen Tyrol, whose hand limit is 8). If they exceed this limit at the end of any player's turn, they must discard down to this amount. Players may still exceed this amount during any player's turn, including the start of their own turn after drawing Skill Cards.

Strength 1-2: Consolidate Power - Action: Draw 2 Skill Cards of any type(s). They may come from outside your skill set.
Strength 3-5: Investigative Committee - Play before cards are added to a skill check. All Skill Cards are played face up during this skill check (excluding those from the Destiny deck).

Strength 1-2: Executive Order - Action: Choose any other player. He may move his character and then take 1 action OR not move and take 2 actions. Limit of 1 "Executive Order" card may be used per turn.
Strength 3-5: Declare Emergency - Play after strength is totaled in a skill check to reduce its difficulty by 2. Limit of 1 "Declare Emergency" card used per skill check.

Strength 1-2: Launch Scout - Action: Risk 1 Raptor to roll a die. If 3 or higher, look at the top card of the Crisis or Destination Deck and place it on the top or the bottom. Otherwise, destroy 1 Raptor.
Strength 3-5: Strategic Planning - Play before any die roll to add 2 to the result. Limit of 1 "Strategic Planning" card used per die roll.

Strength 1-2: Evasive Maneuvers - Play after any Viper is attacked to reroll the die. If the Viper is piloted, subtract 2 from the new roll.
Strength 3-5: Maximum Firepower - Action: Play while piloting a Viper to attack up to 4 times.

Strength 1-2: Repair - Action: Repair your current location, or if you are in the "Hanger Deck" location, you may repair up to 2 damaged Vipers.
Strength 3-5: Scientific Research - Play before cards are added to a skill check. All engineering cards in the skill check count as positive strength.

Combat Table
Unit Attacked: Die Roll = Result

Raider: 3-8 = Destroyed
Heavy Raider: 7-8 = Destroyed
Centurion: 7-8 = Destroyed
Basestar attacked by Viper: 8 = Damaged
Basestar attacked by Galactica: 5-8 = Damaged
Basestar attacked by Nuke: 1-2 = Damaged Twice; 3-6 = Destroyed; 7-8 = Destroyed and destroy 3 Raiders in the same area

Viper: 5-7 = Damaged; 8 = Destroyed; If a piloted viper is damaged or destroyed, move the pilot to Sickbay.
Civilian Ship: Automatically Destroyed (no die roll)
Galactica attacked by Raider: 8 = Damaged
Galactica attacked by Basestar: 4-8 = Damaged

The ultimate objective of the humans is to jump the fleet enough distance to make it to Kobol. The game starts with the Jump Prep marker on Start. Each Crisis Card drawn has a chance to advance the Jump Prep marker. When the Jump Prep marker reaches the -3 or -1 spots, any character can use the FTL Control location to initiate a jump, but will risk losing 3 or 1 population (on a roll of 6 or less). If the Jump Prep marker advances to the Auto Jump spot, the fleet automatically jumps with no risk of population loss.

Jumping clears the board of all ships. All Vipers, unmanned or piloted, return to the reserves. Any characters piloting Vipers are moved to the Hangar Deck. While jumping does clear the board of all Cylon ships, any Centurions in a Boarding Party remain on Galactica. After the jump, the Admiral draws 2 cards from the Destination Deck and chooses one, jumping the fleet a certain distance and initiating a special effect.

Cast of Characters
william-adama.png[Military Leader] William Adama
Skill Card Draw: 3 Leadership, 2 Tactics

General Ability: Inspirational Leader – When you draw a Crisis Card, all 1 strength Skill Cards count positive for the skill check.

One-Time Ability: Command Authority – Once per game, after resolving a skill check, instead of discarding the used Skill Cards, draw them into your hand.

Disadvantage: Emotionally Attached – You may not activate the “Admiral’s Quarters” location.

Setup Location: Admiral’s Quarters
saul-tigh.png[Military Leader] Saul Tigh
Skill Card Draw: 2 Leadership, 3 Tactics

General Ability: Cylon Hatred – When a player activates the “Admiral Quarters” location, you may choose to reduce the difficulty by 3.

One-Time Ability: Declare Martial LawAction: Once per game, give the President title to the Admiral.

Disadvantage: Alcoholic – At the start of any player’s turn, if you have exactly 1 Skill Card in your hand, you must discard it.

Setup Location: Command
karl-agathon.png[Military Leader] Karl "Helo" Agathon
Skill Card Draw: 2 Leadership, 2 Tactics, 1 Piloting

General Ability: ECO Officer - During your turn, you may reroll a die that was just rolled (once per turn). You must use the new result.

One-Time Ability: Moral Compass - Once per game, after a player makes a choice on a Crisis Card, you may change it.

Disadvantage: Stranded - Your character is not placed on the game board at the start of the game. While not on the game board, you may not move, be moved, or take actions. At the start of your 2nd turn, place your character on the "Hangar Deck" location.
laura-roslin.png[Political Leader] Laura Roslin
Skill Card Draw: 3 Politics, 2 Leadership

General Ability: Religious Visions - When you draw Crisis Cards, draw 2 and choose 1 to resolve. Place the other on the bottom of the deck.

One-Time Ability: Skilled Politician - Action: Once per game, draw 4 Quorum Cards. Choose 1 to resolve and place the rest on the bottom of the deck. You do not need to be President to use this ability.

Disadvantage: Terminal Illness - In order to activate a location, you must first discard 2 Skill Cards.

Setup Location: President's Office
gaius-baltar.png[Political Leader] Gaius Baltar
Skill Card Draw: 2 Politics, 1 Leadership, 1 Engineering

General Ability: Delusional Intuition - After you draw a Crisis Card, draw 1 Skill Card of your choice (it may be from outside your skill set).

One-Time Ability: Cylon Detector - Action: Once per game, you may look at all Loyalty Cards belonging to another player.

Disadvantage: Coward - You start the game with 2 Loyalty Cards (instead of 1).

Setup Location: Research Lab
tom-zarek.png[Political Leader] Tom Zarek
Skill Card Draw: 2 Politics, 2 Leadership, 1 Tactics

General Ability: Friends in Low Places - When a player activates the "Administration" or the "Brig" location, you may choose to reduce or increase the difficulty by 2.

One-Time Ability: Unconventional Tactics - Action: Once per game, lose 1 population to gain 1 of any other resource type.

Disadvantage: Convicted Criminal - You may not activate locations occupied by other characters (except the "Brig").

Setup Location: Administration
lee-adama.png[Pilot] Lee "Apollo" Adama
Skill Card Draw: 1 Tactics, 2 Piloting, 2 Leadership/Politics

General Ability: Alert Viper Pilot - When a viper is placed in a space area from the "Reserves", you may choose to pilot it and take 1 action. You may only do this when you are on a Galactica location, excluding the "Brig".

One-Time Ability: CAG - Action: Once per game, you may activate up to 6 unmanned vipers.

Disadvantage: Headstrong - When you are forced to discard Skill Cards, you must discard randomly.

Setup Location: Launch and pilot a Viper
kara-thrace.png[Pilot] Kara "Starbuck" Thrace
Skill Card Draw: 2 Tactics, 2 Piloting, 1 Leadership/Engineering

General Ability: Expert Pilot - When you start your turn piloting a viper, you may take 2 actions during your Action Step (instead of 1).

One-Time Ability: Secret Destiny - Once per game, immediately after a Crisis Card is revealed, discard it and draw a new one.

Disadvantage: Insubordinate - When a player chooses you with the "Admiral's Quarters" location, reduce the difficulty by 3.

Setup Location: Hangar Deck
sharon-valerii.png[Pilot] Sharon "Boomer" Valerii
Skill Card Draw: 2 Tactics, 2 Piloting, 1 Engineering

General Ability: Recon - At the end of your turn, you may look at the top card of the Crisis Deck and place it on the top or bottom.

One-Time Ability: Mysterious Intuition - Once per game, before resolving a skill check on a Crisis Card, choose the result (Pass or Fail), instead of resolving it normally.

Disadvantage: Sleeper Agent - During the Sleeper Agent Phase, you are dealt 2 Loyalty Cards (instead of 1) and then moved to the "Brig" location.

Setup Location: Armory
galen-tyrol.png[Support] "Chief" Galen Tyrol
Skill Card Draw: 1 Politics, 2 Leadership, 2 Engineering

General Ability: Maintenance Engineer - During your turn, after you use a "Repair" Skill Card, you may take another action (once per turn).

One-Time Ability: Blind Devotion - Once per game, after cards have been added to a Skill Check (but before revealing them), you may choose a skill type. All cards of the chosen type are considered strength 0.

Disadvantage: Reckless - Your hand limit is 8 (instead of 10).

Setup Location: Hangar Deck

This will be a five player game of the base set and rules. !Sign Up as a player or a reservist and I'll pick players at random in a few days, or sooner if I get something crazy like fifteen signups in a day. Please, if you sign up, be able to post at least once a day but ideally several times a day. I don't think anyone wants to see this game take half a year to complete D:

The OP is mostly copy-and-pasted from Darian's last game, though I've added and/or changed three things. I'll repeat them here, combined, for posterity;

Scientific Research and Investigative Committee MUST be declared BEFORE the person playing them submits their own cards in a skill check. If an Investigative Committee is played halfway through a skill check, all players who have already contributed to the check will be allowed to change their contributions from what they initially PM'd me before they post them to the thread. Lastly, we'll be playing with the Pegasus version of Investigative Committee, which does not reveal the two cards drawn from the Destiny Deck.

This is my first hosted game, but I think I'm adequately prepared. Let's all have fun!

Original OP taken from Akinos/Darian, modified by MrBlarney, stolen back by Darian and now stolen by Rius. Thanks to all those who came before me!

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