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Anyone know Edinburgh? Stag advice

Mr_GrinchMr_Grinch Registered User regular
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Hello Scottish folks, or people familiar with Edinburgh. On the 14th of May I'll be about for many a drink and I was hoping you lot could point me in the right direction.

What I'm after:

The Friday Night: A much more low-key affair. I was thinking of a comedy club but all the websites say they're very much anti-stag so does anyone else have any ideas? Whisky tasting? Though not everyone likes whisky. Gentleman's club? Could be costly and we'll probably be attending one the next night if my friends have their way. A reasonably busy (but not rammed) bar that has pool tables and a few arcade machines? That would be ideal but I don't know if such a place exists.

The Saturday Morning: Recover from hangover and get people motivated, we've got a flat booked and there's 11 of us. I'm usually an early riser so I'll play on the 360 till people wake up. I'm in to my rock climbing big time and Edinburgh looks superb for it, I was debating heading out to a wall but I don't think there are any too near our flat. I would drag everyone with me but I'm not convinced indoor rock climbing would go down well with a stag party. Opinions?

The Saturday Afternoon: Maybe laser tag? Paintballing (that'll be painful for me as the groom)? I quite fancied doing a tour of the city UNDER Edinburgh, it's apparently quite spooky/cultured so the others may not be as intrigued.

The Saturday Night: Get very drunk, but not to the point of ruining the night. Suggestions for nice bars? I'm not in to dance music/clubbing, much more a rock kinda guy (though i've no objections to going in to nice bars playing dance music). Also strip club/lap dancing club suggestions welcome.

So, any locals here? Or anyone know the area well enough to kind of guide me? If it's any help the postcode of the place we'll be stopping is EH3 8DE. So do we need taxis and stuff?

Cheers guys (and gals)!

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  • PongePonge Registered User regular
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    Nicer bars and clubs are very anti-stag. So if the guy is dressed in a miniskirt or mankini then you'll have trouble getting in most places. There are obviously places that will welcome your antics but they're mainly cheesy dance clubs. There are plenty of strip bars, especially in an area known as the 'Pubic Triangle' that has 3 strip bars. Lothian Road has a couple as well.

    Ratho climbing centre is amazing, probably a world-class facility although getting there might be a tiny bit troublesome. It's built in an old quarry.

    They have this awesome Aerial Assault Course that is basically an assault course suspended 100 feet above the climbing walls and is scary as hell. That could be a fun day for the stag group.

    There are a couple of paintballing courses as well but they're outside of the city and you would need to get a bus to get there. I've been to A1 paintballing and they were great

    Theres a whisky museum on the Royal Mile (right beside the castle) that does tasting as part of the tour. If you pay for the VIP ticket (£20 i think) you get 4 or 5 different whiskeys. The normal tour I think you only get 1.

    A lot of stag parties try the Rose Street Pub Crawl. Try to hit every bar on Rose Street (between Princes Street and George Street) and see how far you get...

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  • SeanronSeanron Registered User
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    Come to Glasgow, much better :p

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