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OK Problem:

My Nintendo DS seems to routinely have problems staying connected to my Wireless Router. I can connect fine in the wifi settings, but once I get in game, I can't stay on for more than about a minute. A look at nintendowifi.com tells me that this could (and probably is) a firewall problem. I just purchased the router itself about a week ago so this problem is entirely possible. I find myself to be semi knowledgeable about computers, but Networking/firewalls/etc is where my knowledge is iffy at best.

I went into my routers settings UI in my browser with the hopes of clicking a few buttons and being done. Unforunately, the UI has nothing regarding port opening. It has something regarding port forwarding/triggering, but that option requires setting up a service, assigning an IP address to this service, and specifying a port range, which for the DS, is about 7 or so different port numbers that are no where near being in succession.

So, does anyone with a Netgear wireless router know how to open specific TCP Ports and a separate set of UDP ports using their stupid interface.

Hell, this may not even be the problem with my DS, so also, anyone have this similar problem with their DS and a solution on how to fix it.

Edit: I'm at work currently so wont be able to try anthing suggested for another 8 hours or so. Thanks

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    Try the Port forwarding guides at Portforward.com.

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    The service is just so you can give it a name to reduce confusion. The IP address is whatever IP address the DS has. If the ports are separate then you'll need to make 7 separate forwarding rules to cover them. The DS might support UPnP as well, which is the easy way out but also a potential security problem if one of your machines is infected with a virus/worm/trojan.

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