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A question for you advanced Microsoft Word users.

I'm currently in the process of writing a short novel. I'm currently about 110 pages into the text, but this is counting on pages that are 7.5X10. I was wondering if there was a way to create a word document whose pages are 5X7.5 to see how many pages the text would take up in it's approximate printed size?

Thanks for any help.

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    Set your margins to 5x7.5 inches. Should be under formatting.

    This will kill your page breaks though, leaving you with a bunch of short pages and bad breaks. But it will still give you a general idea.

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    Negative! Don't simply change the margins. Go into File/Page Setup and change the paper size 5" X 7.5" (probably under the paper tab; I don't remember if this differs depending the version of Word). Then set the margins to the desired size. If you only set the margins to 5x7.5, it would fill an entire 5x7.5 page without leaving margins realistically, so you would not have an accurate feel for the actual size and layout.

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    Thanks. File/Page Setup gave me exactly what I was looking for! ^_^ Thanks again!

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