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Best way to network my house, mainly latency questions

TommattTommatt Registered User regular
Ok, so I have a 3100 SQ FT, 2 story home, my xbox is downstairs (Primary gaming/latency requirments) Which I stream netflix off of. I have a Fios connection. The router/modem is upstairs. For some reason Wireless seems shaky with it. I bought one of those Lynksis adapters that uses electrical lines to hard wire my 360. Will those affect my connection speeds at all?

Also, lets say I'm going modem to router, to a router, every time I add an additionaly router will I notice any kind of latency effects from doing so? If I'm not losing any latency with the device using the power lines, or If I ever get around to running a hard cable downstairs, I had thought of adding another router down there.

Thanks :)

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  • Apothe0sisApothe0sis Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality? Registered User regular
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    The latency effects should be minimal on modern routers.

    Wireless tends to be pretty garbage in 2 story homes because of the way that the antennas actually pump out the signal.

    Ethernet over Powerline is ok if your wiring is ok. You should be able to get something between 54Mbps wireless and 100Mbps Ethernet.

    I have a similar set up at home and use Belkin adapters.

    Problem is, I'm not really an online gamer so I can't tell you whether they significantly affect latency.

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  • electricitylikesmeelectricitylikesme Registered User regular
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    Ethernet over powerlines isn't really ideal. Your powerlines aren't shielded or twisted in anyway which will stabilize signal quality, and are going to be effected by the switching on and off of noisy loads - fridge motors, fluorescent lights etc.

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  • SiliconStewSiliconStew Registered User regular
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    You don't want multiple routers. Just get a basic switch to plug in downstairs if you need more ports down there. And no, you won't notice any additional latency with an extra switch.

    Ethernet over powerlines isn't a good idea. You're basically attaching your network to a hundred+ foot radio antenna. You'll be picking up interference from your whole neighborhood in addition to the electrical devices in your house. Not good for the stability of the connection.

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  • BolthornBolthorn Registered User regular
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    It's your house correct? If so, do you own a drill? Wire strippers? The ability to wire up a line in the wall? If so, go that route. Something else you could do, and it's what we did because we don't care too much. We drilled a hole in the floor of the room with the router, and the ceiling of the room directly below it. This all occurs in the corner of the ceiling room so it's not really that noticeable. The floor hole is under the carpet so unless you pull that up, you can't tell it occurs in that room at all. We figure when we go to move we'll simply plug the hole in the ceiling and paint the ceiling again. No big deal. This may occur sooner if we decide to properly wire the room. Maybe I'll make that the next winter project.

    If you're renting this house though, you may not be able to go drilling holes in walls and ceilings though. Actually, if there is cable ran through the house you might be able to make those holes slightly bigger and run your ethernet cable through those and alongside the cable lines in the house. If you do it well, no one would be any wiser.

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  • ScrubletScrublet Registered User regular
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    I know bridging the internet over coax cable lines (I think the tech is called Moca?) works fine. I don't know how powerlines work.

    The latency between routers isn't really going to be a problem, though I think it's probably unnecessary. If you already have the power stuff I would try it. Games won't be affected, the amount of data you send playing a game is actually pretty minor. NetFlix will be the real test.

    I wouldn't recommend trying to bridge the connection wirelessly using multiple routers (not sure if you were thinking about doing that, just saying). Signals really don't propagate vertically too well, especially through floors.

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  • KrikeeKrikee Registered User regular
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    Scrublet wrote: »
    I know bridging the internet over coax cable lines (I think the tech is called Moca?) works fine. I don't know how powerlines work.
    Definitely do an extended ping test to your first hop if you are using MoCA (Media over Coax Alliance) to connect to your FiOS connection as you should have zero jitter to your first hop (your default gateway). When I had FiOS installed at my place I would get 20ms spikes occasionally due to the MoCA, so it's a good idea to switch to the Ethernet hand-off if possible. Of course, it depends on the quality of your lines I'm sure, but 20ms spikes is killer in twitch gaming.

    As for wireless, the best way to put it is wireless is for convenience & wires are for speed.

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  • mspencermspencer Registered User regular
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    Also, for wireless, remember than these straight-line antennas found on most devices project a donut-shaped pattern. Strongest signal comes out of the side of the antenna. Weakest signal (the "null") comes out of the tip or point of the antenna. If you need to push signal between floors and you can't run cable as above, tilt the antenna so it presents as much of its broad side to the target device(s).

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