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Hey everyone. This is my first post here on the forums.

Anyway, I recently began a blog. I've taken it upon myself to, every day, make a post about something. Like, literally, anything. I've covered everything from robotic exoskeletons to the planets in our solar system.

Plus, the posts all have an incredibly sarcastic and cynical vibe. To be quite honest, it's really difficult to explain. Sort of like a cross between the work of John Hodgman, Andrew Hussie, and the Sneeze. But I can't praise myself, and I'm terrible at describing things.

Anyway, give it a look. I would be honored if you gave me your opinion. The blog is COMPLETELY non-profit, and I truly just want to make content that people enjoy.


Hope you like it. Thanks.

(I'm real tired right now, sorry if that didn't really make sense)

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