Wireless USB Adapter is HOT

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Pretty much what the title says. I use a Wireless USB dongle for my desktop connectivity to my Uverse WiFi network. My impression of these devices had been that they were designed primarily for portable, temporary use; this particular item was a gift by someone who basically told me I was behind the times and that current USB adapters were fine for prolonged use.

Issue is, this thing gets HOT. Like if I unplug it and touch it it not quite burns my fingers. Every bit of nerd-lore I've picked up through my life says electronics + hot = bad.

Is this an issue for concern? Am I indeed behind the times, or is my wisdom timeless?

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  • ArrathArrath Registered User regular
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    I used a USB modem for several years, and it would get uncomfortably warm fairly quickly. May just be par for the course for something so small with a transmitter inside it.

    I can't say I ever had any problems with the heat, it still works fine even after years of use.

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    I use a wireless USB adapter for my desktop at home and it gets a little warm, but never too hot.

    The last one I had lasted for a few years though and it did indeed get hot. No problems other than that, really.

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    My mom's desktop has been using a USB receiver for a year or so now, and while it gets really damn warm, it still works.

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