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I have a 6 months old Lenovo G550 with Windows 7 installed, and for the past couple weeks my keyboard has been occasionally acting up. Under certain circumstances, whenever I try to type something, I'll instead get the numbers 0 through 9 in a row repeatedly, no matter which character or number button I actually pressed. This has occurred with some flash games (arrow keys and Esc seem to work fine, but anything else will not register correctly), and on both Word and OneNote documents. I seem to be able to fix the problem with my word processing by simply minimizing everything, or by copying and pasting a normal segment of text, which causes my keyboard to begin functioning normally. Oddly, if I bring up the On-Screen Keyboard, my computer will register my inputs from that correctly, even if it still is misinterpreting my actual keystrokes (I've only tried this with a couple of flash games).

I believe that this problem has also managed to affect my keyboard when I try to log back into my computer. A couple times (but not every time) when my computer has logged out, it doesn't accept my password, forcing me to either restart, close my laptop's lid and then try again, or use VeriFace to log in.

I've tried searching online for similar problems, but I've had little luck. Perhaps the oddest thing about this problem is that, for the most part, it isn't very consistent, and I've had difficulties finding many patterns in when it comes or how to fix it. Neither of my antivirus programs have detected anything these past couple of weeks.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you need any additional information about my computer or the problem, let me know.

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    usually laptops have a button to enable a "keypad" which is generally on the keys u i o j k l m

    or somesuch. You could be hitting the numlk key that enables this.

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    It's either the numlock, or the "FN" key, which is down next to the CTRL and ALT buttons, that enables the numpad on those uiojklm...... keys.

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    I don't believe that is the case. I haven't pressed NumLock (and temporarily solving the problem doesn't seem to involve pressing it), and my keyboard has a numpad to the side. It isn't just those 9 keys that are causing this, but the entire keyboard, including the number buttons. It will cycle through 0-9 repeatedly, no matter which key I actually press.

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    I think I might have found a way to solve this. I noticed that this problem was consistently showing up when I tried to play a browser game that ran on flash. The arrow keys and Esc key worked normally, but all other keys simply caused the cycle of 0 through 9 (making many of these games near unplayable). Most of the time when I switched over to a Word document, the problem would continue until I tried one of the previously mentioned temporary solutions (or it would randomly go away on it's own).

    A few minutes ago, I tried disabling 'Shockwave Flash' (I'm using Firefox), and then following the link to install the newest version of Adobe Flash. Once done, I tried those games again, and they started working normally, and without causing my keyboard to act strangely when I tried typing elsewhere.

    Hopefully this will stop my keyboard from acting up. If anyone has any insight to why this was happening, please tell me. Otherwise, I'll go ahead and close this thread in a couple days if the problem does not reappear.

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    I just jumped into this thread but I would try plugging an usb keyboard into your laptop, if the problem follows the keyboard then it's a software issue, if the problem doesn’t seem to affect the usb keyboard then there could be a hardware issue. Sometimes laptop keyboards have ghost typing issues when something is spilled on them or there is a cake of dead skin / dirt under the keys.

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