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Debate and Discourse: AWESOME POST in "Assistant Attorney General of Michigan Identifies Greate

TofystedethTofystedeth veni, veneri, vamoosiRegistered User regular
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The guy in this video, the assistant attorney general of Michigan
is very crazy, and has a blog where obsessively stalks and harasses a gay student at University of Michigan.
He also makes extensive use of "scare quotes" and could very well be a self-hating closet case.
He was suspended for this. Takyris captured his particular breed of crazy perfectly.
Post: Assistant Attorney General of Michigan Identifies Greatest Threat To America
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Posted by: takyris
Original Content:
"Due to the "actions", not unlike the disgusting homosexual action he so regularly "gets", of Chris Armstrong, I have been "suspended" from my job. This shows Armstrong's "strong-arm" gay tactics in attempting to manfully force me into submission, thrusting his agenda at me repeatedly until I have no choice but to accept this unwelcome penetration deep into my professional life. Being suspended is like being hung from a high place, and while I am hung now, I will not rest until I know that Chris Armstrong is very well hung. He's trying to blow up anything that gets in the way of his homosexual agenda, but if he thinks he can blow me, he's got another thing "coming"."

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