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Science Fiction Series Under CIA Scrutiny is Published Despite Possible Indictments.

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A science fiction novel released on Friday April 13th about an underground race of vampires whose religious fanaticism has led to an all out war on human kind, has been receiving a tremendous amount of media attention. Also, two major United States Intelligence Agencies have red flagged the literature citing harmful information that could have terrorist ties. The book itself has been claimed to be Science-Fiction all along, but over the past two months a whirlwind of suspicion and allegations have arisen from the unlikely government sources. It all started when the marketing campaign claimed that there were coded messages throughout the book. According to the author’s on-line blog, the messages were from an ancient text that aligns and confirms the beliefs of many that claim the world will undergo some type of extreme change in the year 2012. In essence it will be the end of our world as we know it.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as the Central Intelligence Agency has quietly and resourcefully removed all marketing materials from media sources. All of the so called "authentic Aramaic scriptures" have been seized from the publishers of the book and includes notes, sketches, scriptures, and other alleged propaganda. These documents have been classified and sealed under the United States Patriot Act, and remain so even though author Ryan C. Stith has said all along that the release of the book will go on as planned. However, since the incident involving the authorities Ryan says that the book does not really contain any literal messages or beliefs. He contends that the story and characters are completely fictional and the claim by U.S. Government Officials is nothing more than unnecessary harassment. He feels that he has cooperated with authorities in every aspect, but as promised he did not delay the publication of the Sci-Fi Horror novel any longer.

“We have sat by silently long enough. Atomic Alien Productions will continue forward with the production of the second volume of the series as well as the upcoming film based on the first book. These allegations are ridiculous in the fact that they are trying to suppress my first amendment rights as an American.” Author Ryan C. Stith states in his blog just three days before the scheduled release date. “I feel that soon enough they will come to their senses and realize that this was just a tragic witch hunt that is a waste of tax payer’s money. Their investigation will lead to no where, because it’s just a fictional story. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Ryan might be standing down from his previous statements that many “metaphorical messages” were coded in the literature. But many believers in the 2012 conspiracy say that there is much more to this story than meets the eye. Although not much will be known until the documents are declassified, it seems that readers will still have the chance to judge for themselves. The book is for sale at NOPE . Despite the threat on Atomic Alien Productions that the book’s release to mainstream outlets like and national bookstores could lead to legal action and even incarceration, Ryan Stith who is also the President of Atomic Alien Productions says they are working on a new deal with bookstores that would put the book on shelves in early May. The story will be released in three parts starting with “The Next Project”

Official Web Site for The Sci Fi Series NOPE
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