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Hey AC. I've always just lurked here, at turns blown away by some of the quality work you guys are putting out and horrified that many of you still consider yourselves bad when you're so good.

Anyway enough intro. I'd like some help and critiques on my songs. I've always dabbled in songwriting and music making. Been playing piano since age 5, off and on, and I have a little mini-studio set up in my apartment. I have an Alesis QS8 88 key hooked up, via an MBox 2 USB to my G5 Quadcore Mac Pro tower from a couple years ago. I also have a decent but not spectacular mic, an MXL V63M for those of you who know the brand, that I plug in when I need it. I usually end up composing in Garageband (it's much easier for quick and dirty ideas) and then recording and editing in Pro Tools 8 LE.

It's a modest setup but it does the trick.

So I've decided to make a thread and put some of my songs here and maybe you guys could tell me what you like and dislike about them. Pretty much none of them are "finished" in that there is definitely still room for improvement, but they're certainly all passable as songs at this point. None have lyrics. I only have one song with lyrics and it's a rap about Joe Lieberman that a friend and I wrote before the election of 2008. I haven't decided whether to post that one yet and embarrass myself.

I'm finishing up my first real song with actual singing and lyrics right now, so I hope to be able to get your opinions on that one too when it's ready.

I don't really have a genre I guess... just whatever the song ends up sounding like.

I'm gonna post the songs in generally chronological order so the difference in instrumentation and technique and especially the jump from Garageband to Pro Tools can be felt.

TL;DR So here are the songs:


Short little song. First song I wrote in Garageband on the day I got the new computer 3 years ago.

European Intervention

This is my attempt at a bright, synthy Europop song. This too was made entirely Garageband before I had scrounged up the hundreds of dollars for Pro Tools.

Funky Monkey

Another early Garageband song. For this one I experimented around with just sitting down and composing a multi-instrumental piece with various themes echoed throughout. I like it but I think the cheesy sounding midi really holds it back. One of my projects in the coming months is to port this song over and re-record it in Pro Tools with some better sounding instruments.

Jungle Groove

As the title implies, it's a sort of jungle themed groove with a bass synth line. I really don't like the sound of the bass synth but I have been fiddling for a while trying to either write a new synth line or find a new sound, but to no avail. Oh well. The rest of it sounds fairly good. This one and the rest were recorded in Pro Tools.

Cop Doc Theme

This one I wrote for a friend who had the idea of making a series of youtube, 70s style cop show parody videos. The project never got off the ground, but the song did. I was given the instructions to make it sound absolutely as cheesy as possible. I think mission accomplished. When you listen to this, picture explosions, car chases, and close-ups of mustachioed cops.

Movie Score Theme

This is a piano theme that was running through my head when I woke up one morning recently. I whipped up a quick and dirty little recording of it. Little more than an idea at this point but I think it sounds pretty.


This is a creepy, industrial style song I wrote about 6 months ago. I think it's good but it needs something else to come in once it hits its full stride. Either that or it needs to be shortened. It also needs some work on the leveling/gain issues. Overall I like the way it turned out though.

Annd that's all for now. I have more songs but I think that's enough for a first post.

Be as brutal as you like. Thanks in advance!

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    I like the move score theme, although it seems more like a sad/contemplative video game moment.

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