General use headset under $50?

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I'm looking for a pair of circumaural headphones, preferrably around $50 or less, though I would be willing to go a little higher if the set looks just right. I have a pair of cheap Koss headphones (I don't know the model) and they're horribly uncomfortable. Even though they're around-the-ear headphones, they mash my ears down and hurt after wearing them for ten minutes or less.

I'll be using the headphones for gaming as well as listening to music. Comfort is a little more important than sound quality (as long as they sound decent), I have big monkey ears that stick out a lot, so looser fitting and a lot of padding is probably better. Most headphones I've worn in the past were uncomfortable in less than a half hour of wear. Lastly, a built in microphone would be a plus, but not necessary.

I've looked at the SteelSeries Siberia and the Razer Orca, mostly because I like the styling, but since those are marketed as "gaming headphones", I figure they're overpriced for what they offer. Especially the Razer set - you pay a lot for their name. Past those, I just really didn't know what to look for.

So if anybody's got some suggestions, I'd love to hear them. :D

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    I have a set of the Siberia V2's and quite like them. The sounds is good to my ears, comfort is good, they don't squeeze your head too much. I do hear some bleed through of outside noise when using them but not too bad, and usually when just using them to chat, so there is quiet time. When gaming or listening to music I don't notice outside sounds at all. I also love how the microphone on the V2 retracts into the headset, so you can tuck it away when just listening. The only downside is my wife has laid claim to them since I picked up a set of A30's at PAX.

    Between the 2, the Siberia feels much better on my head for longish periods of time.

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    I use a Plantronics GameCom 367 headset. It's $40 and works well enough, though I did technically break it after a year or so of use (fortunately, tape holds it together!). Quite comfortable, doesn't get my ears all hot and uncomfortable, and only very slightly silly-looking. The earpieces are about 2 inches wide/tall on the inside, by the way, and the square shape isn't particularly awkward.

    Oh, and Newegg link, for only $30, though the shipping isn't free.

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    I use the SteelSeries 5Hv2 on the road. Quite comfortable, plus they disassemble for easy storage, and the mic tucks into the ear cup.

    Anything made by Sennheiser in your price range will be perfect for you. I have a PC150 (or PC151, can't remember) set that I bought for $60 about 4 years ago. Still look and work like new. Great performance!

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