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I want to be able to play WoW on my computer, and have spectators in my living room watch on my HDTV. I would like to be able to do it with the smallest amount of cost. I thought there was some software somewhere that used the windows media player streaming function to play anything that was on your desktop through to the xbox. My video card is an ATI and only has two DVI out, so just running a HDMI won't work, or it will with an adaptor but won't have sound. I would also like to minimize the cables required because there is about 30ft between the TV and desktop. Eventually I would like to get a wireless keyboard/mouse and be able to play from the couch. It would also allow me to play youtube/hulu and any other type of format my PC can handle.

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    There's no way to stream your desktop to your 360. It only streams media files.

    Connect one dvi to monitor, the other to a long ass cable connected to tv. Go into the catalyst control center and set dual monitor to "clone". Get a Y splitter adapter and connect to audio out. Speakers go to one of the branches, yet another long ass cable to the other which then goes into tv. Most TV's don't have 3.5mm jacks, so another adapter is in order, in this case, a 3.5mm to l/r rca. All cables and adapters can be got via Newegg or Radio Shack if you're in a hurry.

    Or just take your computer into the living room.

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    Yeah, cheapest way to do it would be to pick up long 30ft cables for video and audio. Grab a DVi to HDMI adapter (again, dirt cheap) and do as suggested above.

    If you want to stream your desktop wirelessly you could look at this:


    But it's horribly expensive.

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    Are there any plugins for Playon that might stream a desktop? I would think that might be an alternative - as it only costs $20 and works with the 360 quite well. The only downside is the bandwidth and cpu hit for Playon might hurt overall system performance...

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    You can serve a streaming feed (served as RTP over UDP) of your desktop using VLC. http://ifoundthesolution.blogspot.com/2008/02/screencasting-using-vlc.html

    The real question is, can you make it stream to something that one of the media extenders can then deliver to an Xbox 360, or that an Xbox 360 itself could pick up directly? The VLC command line allows you to specify alternate transcodings of the stream. This tip explains how to transcode to something readable by the Xbox 360: http://wiki.videolan.org/Play_on_Xbox

    Perhaps with luck and some research, you can experiment with the VLC command line and basically make a live video (with audio) feed of your computer show up on the 360. This would be awesome, so please share the command that makes it work if you get it right.

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