What movie is this scene from?

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The movie is a comedy set on an airplane, but I don't think it's Airplane! A guy is panicking, and in order to calm him down one of the flight attendants either give him a bj or a hj under a blanket.

No I don't.
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    Stewardess School.

    Maybe the pinnacle of horrible 80's movies. God I loved it.

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    When I was a little kid, I always pretended I was the hero,' Skip said.
    'Fuck yeah, me too. What little kid ever pretended to be part of the lynch-mob?'
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    Fantastic! Totally thought I made that up at some point. Glad to know I'm not crazy.

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    No I don't.
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    Can I hijack this thread DoR and ask another movie question? I'd make my own but being jailed and all...

    I remember a few key points. It's an action movie.
    I think Sean Bean is in it.

    There's this hot Italian assassin that plays against two different factions, but she doesn't speak a single word of english (heck, she hardly speaks throughout the entire movie). I think both factions actually hired her but then try and double cross her or eliminate her because she's working for the other team or something.

    I remember a couple of scenes; After she has killed 2 guys from each of the rival factions, she has their cell phones and recieves calls from their respective bosses. Not understanding what they're saying she puts the phones next to each other so the bosses are yelling at one another.

    Another scene (the final one actually) is that throughout the movie she's trying to learn english via language tapes, a key phrase being "my money is in the case." Sean Bean (I think) playing one of the bosses gets shot by the other boss and is cornered by both his rival and the assassin. He's bleeding and he screams that the money is in the case at which point the assassin smiles, says "gratzy" and kills the other boss behind her then grabs the case and walks away.

    Anyone got a title for me?

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