Drug Use Research Project For 4th Year Class

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Hey guys,

I am a 4th year undergraduate student and I really need your help! I am looking for more people to fill out my survey before I have to present later this week.

I am primarily interested in seeing drug use, specifically cocaine use. Please take my survey here:


Each survey remains confidential and this data will only be used for my university project. You can choose not to answer a question or finish the survey if it makes you too uncomfortable to continue.

Much thanks,


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  • illiricaillirica Registered User regular
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    You may want to look at that survey again. It auto-selects the first option, so I'm getting stuff like "How often do you use drugs - None/Never" followed up by "Do you enjoy your drug use - Yes I do." I would strongly (STRONGLY) suggest putting in a "Not Applicable" entry on just about every single one of those questions unless you want your data to be screwy.

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    I'm filling it out but a lot of the responses are WAY too specific, and then leave out other options. This is going to mess with your results quite a bit. For instance, about your legal age, what about if you don't think there should be one? and "Are you glad that you use drugs?", well, I don't. And for one of them "I used to use drugs but had to stop." Well, I didn't have to, but chose to.

    Anyway, good luck.

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    I concur, your options are too narrow.

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  • DemerdarDemerdar Registered User regular
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    "When growing up did you live in a"

    You don't have an option for both a 1 parent home and a 2 parent home, such as when your parents are divorced.

    So I just put "other". Might want to change that one too. Unless you are not going to be using this data point, or don't really care. Just thought I'd point it out.

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