Analyzing voice calls - router cisco 3845

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Any of you knows a command to analyze incoming/outcoming voice calls in a cisco 3845 router?
I have a problem with a SIP trunk plugged to this router and I need to know where the calls drop.
we use Cisco CallManager v.6.1.
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  • FelixFelix Registered User regular
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    IOS devices aren't really my area of expertise, but I do work with Cisco UCCE quite a bit so I have a little exposure. I'd start by setting some of the relevant debug levels and enabling the terminal monitor so you can examine the messaging. Example:
    debug isdn q931
    debug voip ccapi inout
    debug voip rtp session named-event
    term mon

    The debugs you would set would depend on how your router is configured and your call flow. There's probably someone here who can answer this better, but I figured I'd take a stab at it. Make sure you undebug all when finished.

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