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I was recently approved to purchase an HD-camcorder where I work. But I don't know anything about them. I've been checking out features on Amazon, Best Buy, and camcorderinfo, but it feels like everything is comparing apples to oranges and they all have different feature sets.
What I'm using it for: recording special events, and high school projects, webcasts and "commercials" that will be on a website.
Features I want: mic input for a separate microphone, or ability to plug into a sound board.
Price limit: in the $400s.


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    Well this may not be much help considering your price range. I'm running a small videography business and had to research this very subject earlier this year. After doing a lot of research, I chose this:


    I actually bought two of them. I have absolutely no complaints, except that it's out of your price range.

    It was over 6 months ago that I did all this, so I can't remember all the reasons this one won out. But I do remember being convinced it was the best (in my own price range) and as I say, I have no complaints.

    It does have a mic input. It does record 1080p which I think is one thing that separates it from a lot of others.

    Editing 1080p video, on the other hand, is a whole different story.

    One other thing I recommend is that if you're going to buy online, use this retailer:


    As they are known in the industry as being the best. They're in New York City. They ship fast. To Ohio, I had my stuff in 2 business days. They have that camera I linked for about $749 right now (which is already about $80 less than I paid 6 months ago...)

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    Thanks for the advise. That camera made me drool, but it's too far out of the price range. But from that site, I found this. What do you think? The reviews indicate it's not true 1080, but maybe for my price range, an upconvert will be as good as it gets if I want an audio input?

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    I can't say anything about that camera but I'm sure they all do the basics pretty much the same way. And I wouldn't worry too much about 1080 anyway. What are you doing with your videos? Putting them on DVD? Then HD doesn't matter. Putting them on YouTube? Nine out of ten people will never watch the HD version anyway.

    What I'd worry most about is the way files are stored on the camera (Hard drive? flash memory? mini DV?). And then worry about the file type the camera saves in, and whether that file type is going to cooperate with whatever editing software you're going to be using.

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