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Caves of Qud: Beta Post-Apocolyptic Roguelike

CmdPromptCmdPrompt Registered User regular
edited December 2010 in Games and Technology
Does the idea of dropping turrets to defend yourself from bloody flaming two headed boars excite you on a primal level? Is being a horned, teleporting mutant that can create copies of himself a fetish you've been longing to fulfill? You've come to the right thread.

Caves of Qud
CoQ is a post-apocalyptic roguelike inspired by worlds like those of Dune, Gamma World, and Gene Wolfe's works. It is an open-world roguelike, heavily inspired by ADOM and Omega, providing a world map that combines static and procedurally generated locations with hand-written quests-lines. The world is deeply simulated; each monster is as "real" as the player -- they wield equipment, suffer all the same effects, and interact with the world in the same way as the player. Everything in the world -- creatures, items, walls, etc -- has a physical presence and can be destroyed, frozen, set on fire, etc. The whole world is contiguous, so if you want (and have the patience) you can go down a few levels and dig your way across the entire world.

A learning curve that doesn't resemble a brick wall
The developers have tried to update the roguelike interface to be as modern as possible, providing user interfaces for conversation, trade, quests, and skills that should feel pretty modern, even though they are provided via a terminal interface. There are a plethora of commands a roguelike player expects, but also provide a single "smart use" command (bound to 'Space' by default), that chooses the most "reasonable" thing to do in the square. So, for common interactions you can simply walk up to a door and hit 'Space' to open it, walk up to an NPC and hit 'Space' to talk to them, or walk up to a chest and hit 'Space' to loot it. Though if you want to run over to a pool of acid, fill up your canteen with it, and hurl it at a nearby enemy, all of the manual commands are available as well, and may be freely remapped.

Roll that beautiful ASCII footage
An expansive world map


Detailed descriptions for everything in the world

Lots of items

A modern quest system

Lots of skills

Build your own items

Trade with any NPC

Direct download:

The game is built in .NET 2.0, so you'll need to install the .NET framework in order to run it.

Beta Info
The first main plot line beginning with Argyve is not yet complete to the end, but it goes quite far and it will be clear when you've reached the end. There's much left to add to the game, and all the feedback the developers get from this Beta will go into finish and polishing the final release.

Official forums
SomethingAwful thread this OP shamelessly cribbed thereof

Basic Troubleshooting
I get an IOError when saving, or I get a Prognition.SAV isn't found: I'm bad a programming and I'm creating saves under program files in Vista and Windows 7. Run as administrator, or re-install outside of program files (c:\games\coq or whatever)

My screen is all black or all white and nothing happens: Post your video card in the Freehold bug reports forum, and then try the 'Caves of Qud - Console' shortcut, it will probably work till I can fix these issues.

The font is hideous: Try the OpenGL Filtered or Console shortcut.

I resized my screen now it's even more hideous: Download the latest and hit escape once you're in-game. Select the "reset aspect ratio" option and it should automatically resize based on your width to a correct aspect ratio.

How do I run in filtered or console mode from the zip installer?: Make a shortcut to xrl.exe with the -filter or -console argument, respectively.

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    In the grim world of tomorrow, there is no longer any linking from this host.

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  • CmdPromptCmdPrompt Registered User regular
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    In the grim world of tomorrow, there is no longer any linking from this host.
    Oh right, I forgot I had them cached. Whoops!

    e: Fixed

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  • DemiurgeDemiurge Registered User regular
    edited December 2010
    Sweet, gonna check this out.

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  • elliotw2elliotw2 Registered User
    edited December 2010
    Aww, you found the one ascii roguelike that doesn't support Linux

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