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AV Ports

BlarghyBlarghy Registered User regular
edited December 2010 in Help / Advice Forum
So, I recieved brand new HD TV for Xmas. The picture is great, but I have a problem. Unlike every other TV I have it only has one set of AV ports (though 2 HDMI ports).

The BluRay player I have can connect into one of the HDMI ports, but the Wii and Tivo are left to fight over the the AV port. I'm currently getting around this by simply removing and swapping the Wii and Tivo cables into the TV as I want to use them, but it is getting old to have to reach behind the TV each time (not mention the extra wear and tear this is causing on the port itself).

So, is there anyway I can get around this, with maybe a splitter or a HDMI converter or something? (Aside from getting a new HD Tivo and using the second HDMI port)

Any advice appreciated.

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