Was anything stolen? Bad stories?



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    Grath wrote:
    Knob wrote:
    Fuck yes I did

    I got Moriveth, Munkus, SoulFury, NotASenator, and about six other dudes all in one fell swoop.

    Fixed! I escaped

    I made Knob depressed when he asked "Have you ever seen a quail egg?"

    I pondered his question for a moment, then said, "Yeah, I think so, once...at my cousin's wedding. Why?"

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    I bought a case of bawls and left it on a table on the second floor and headed down for the theatre. upon arrving at the theatre i realised i didn't have my case and went back up to get it . . it was gone. i went back to the theatre and was talking about it with my brother when the guy sitting next to us says that he had picked up up and put it in the coat/bag check area and was going to take it home. so we go over there and get it and he said "i think i deserve a bottle for giving it back to you." and so i gladly handed him a bottle.

    That was cheeto. I was sitting next to the coat check room when he put it there. See Cheeto is a nice guy. Just a little misunderstood.

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    aquabat wrote:
    Puerto Rock, Im not sure if I like you or not, but I fucking swear to god you're the most interesting person on this damn forum
    1up wrote:
    Your name should have been Puerto Rockin!
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