I'm not an artist, but i just had a dream

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A dream, that some day my chil... oh wait wrong dream.

But seriously.. in the mixture that was my little nap i just had, there was a dream. it was Gabe and Tycho going into, i'm not really sure where it was, some sorta cave, it was related to video games. a place they wanted to go but to enter they first had to answer questions of a demon to enter. Tycho was first so Gabe was told to wander a little around the first part of the cave while the questioning was done.

as he wandered he found huge statues depicting what happened to those that answered wrong. huge demons dumping people into lava and worse and so on, making him fear this more and more.

back to Tycho and the demon. (who was rather human like and sized.) he answers the questions right but there is a problem. he has been here before, answered before, and failed. one can then fight for their right to pass but he lost as a small child. flash back scene where his sword, given to him by his father? is smashed before him. a simple blue glowing shard is grabbed. he slashes at the demon with it, only to get a laugh and a sword slammed down into his hand.

Now that shard is a full sword, glowing blue with his rage as they fight. in the end Tycho wins and slays the demon. he recalls the storys and places the 2 swords, his and the demons, together and they begin to glow and merge. his scar burning painfully and bringing him to his knees until the swords are one. by this time Gabe walks back saying hes unsure about it all. Tycho reassures him all he has to do is answer a few questions, its easy. then grins as he starts to ask them... and then i woke up.

Also buried in there somewhere was some really strange dream about bowling with mister burns from the Simpsons. cept for balls we were using cats, just sliding them down the alley into the pins.

Anyway, in the words of napa.... have fun with that..

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