Super Slow Motion Horror short film

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Just wanted to share a short film we've just completed. It was a labour of love, made for peanuts....Hope you enjoy!

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    The slo-mo is too much and drags down an already short and very simple story. The film implies that we have a connection with the characters with the dramatic ending, which simply isn't there because of the lack of anything happening and overabundant slo-mo.

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    At 1:29, the music swells like something dramatic is about to happen, but nothing does, nor does it seem like something would with the phone ringing. It's a little more appropriate when the lights go out.

    I'm not sure about the laughter. It sounds like something we'd hear in an '80s horror film. Actual human laughter, maybe a whispering laughter, would have been scarier, I think.

    When she's pulled into the door, that looked pretty legitimate. But I do feel like it was a lot of fanfare for just that. Did we need the phone call? Her driving home? Why not just start the movie with the lights going out? Then build up the drama of the actress getting scared and freaking out. Then when she turns on the lights and says, "That was easy!" and is pulled off screen, it would seem a lot more ironic. In this version, the actress does very little to tell us she's scared. If not for the music, I might have just thought this was an instructional video about finding breakers in the dark.

    Pretty good job overall, though!

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    If your camera isn't good at capturing dark footage then you really should have filmed this in light and then hued it to a night scene in post. This is too grainy and you can't see shit in certain parts.

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