Anyone else find a tablet almost painful when drawing for a prolonged time?

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So when im working on something i prefer to pencil in blue colerase pencil and ink over so i can scan the black and white piece and the scanner doesnt pick up that pencil at all and then use photoshop to add tones, effects or just neaten something up- maybe colour occasionally.

I've got a wacom bamboo one i use for the photoshop phase because im not deft enough with a mouse to make precise motions i need.

Trouble is i find any use longer than like 20 minutes with the tablet almost painful, like my hand is on the verge of cramping but not. Anyone else or just me?

I ask because ive been thinking of investing in a new tablet, the silver bamboo one is small, like, postcard small and this doesnt really make for a good interface for my 24" imacs screen size if you get my meaning. Though it seems pointless if it wont help.

So anyone have experience with this? is the tablet to small for me? should alter its positioning on my desk or even its orientation? or do i just hold the pen in a weird way? -which as a lefty would not be surprising.

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    probably should go into the questions thread, but anyways.

    I use tiny tablets all the time, 10 hours a day. Try drawing with it on your lap.

    If that doesn't work then lrn2deal

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